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Friday, 5 October 2012

Hate cleric plays UK for fools

Radical hate preacher Abu Hamza has been held in prison in the United Kingdom since 2004, fighting extradition to the United States.

So far, the UK has done a terrible job trying to get rid of this maniac, who has expressed support for Osama bin Laden. The European Union even stepped in, with the European Court of Human Rights stopping his extradition, declaring he would not be 'treated humanely'.

Even The Queen tried to get rid of him. But yet the UK still allow this nutcase on their shores. He is now claiming he needs a 'MRI-scan' for his 'health problems'

What a farce.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sunday Telegraph should be ashamed

The Sunday Telegraph and its reporter Jonathan Marshall should be ashamed of themselves. Whilst Alan Jones did make some ill-advised comments here are the facts that are most concerning:
  • The recording of the meeting likely breached various NSW state laws which make NO provision for 'public interest'
  • At the meeting, a call was put out: 'Are there any journalist' - this scumbag Marshall did not own up
  • Mr Marshall's conduct breached the News Limited Code of Conduct:
3. Misrepresentation
3.1 Do not use false names when representing a News Limited publication.
3.2 Do not try to get information or photographs by deception
5. Covert activities
5.1 Journalists and photographers may at times have to operate surreptitiously to expose crime, significantly anti-social conduct, public deception or some other matter in the public interest.
All such operations must be approved in advance by the editor. This approval will be given only where good cause exists to suspect crime or deception has taken place, and after all other means of gathering the facts have been exhausted.
The editorial executive must be satisfied the importance of publishing the information sought outweighs any damage to trust and credibility which your newspaper might suffer by allowing employees to operate surreptitiously.
Where appropriate, the nature and reasons for operating covertly should be disclosed to readers.
5.2 News Limited does not condone illegal acts by employees.

The conduct also likely breached the Australian Press Council General Statement of Principles

These News of the World style tactics are repugnant

Slipper slammed by Judge

Former Speaker Peter Slipper, who is accused of sexual harrassment of a young male staffer with very strong evidence, refused to appear in court today to face the allegations

Not only is he a vile person, a hypocrite and a backstabber. He's a coward too.

Advertisers defy the point of advertising

Advertising is meant to connect consumers with a certain product. So it seems odd that advertisers such as Coles, Woolworths, Mercedes-Benz, JJ Metro West, Bing Lee, Fantastic Furniture, Freedom Furniture, Testra, ING Direct and others have abandonded Mr Jones' 600,000+ auidence.

I wasn't aware you advertised purely if you support the views of the host.