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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unions to slug workers to help Labor

Labor-allinged unions are proposing to slug families with union members to help Labor win the next election.
The union thugs evidently don't believe that representing workers is their job anymore, but wasting millions of dollars of members money on political party campaigns is.
The ACTU took $5.50 in 2007 from each member to help defeat John Howard. This time lets say they take $7 from each member:
$7 x 1800000=12,600,000 in Labor's coffers.

How is that democracy?

Labour gains in UK as support for left-wing Conservatives drop

Voter support for the governing Conservative Party has dropped to it's lowest level in 18 months an opinion poll has found.
The poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion found:
Labour Support increased by 3% (from Jan) to 40%
Conservative Support fell 3% to 32%
Conservative Coaliton partners the Lib Dems fell to a dismal 10%, down 1% on the last survey and 13.6% since the last election in 2010.
UKIP support to 7% an increase of 1%

Obviously, British voters increasing cannot see any differences between a ''Conservative'' Party that backs gay marriage, European Government and panders to terrorists in Northern Ireland and a Labour Party that does the same.

The only choice for Conservatives in the UK is UKIP; a party which favours small government, a referendum on the EU and opposes gay marriage.


Carlton's delusional plan to save Labor

Last Saturday, failed broadcaster Mike Carlton wrote in Fairfax newspapers ''bring on the republic''. Carlton claimed a plebiscite on a republic should be adopted at the next election. He claimed this would let ''Julia reign victorious''.
Carlton's article was fundamentally flawed for several reasons.
Firstly, he said the question put to electors should be ''Do you want an Australian citizen as head of state''. Various sources describe the Queen as head of state, while others, including former PM Kevin Rudd, describe Quentin Bryce, an Australian citizen as head of state.
Secondly, he claimed an ''overwhelming'' majority of electors would back a republic. This is an incredible claim, based upon public opinion polling. Most recent polls place support for a republic at a dismal 34%. This figure was even lower amongst migrants and youth.

He also alleged this would help Gillard fight the ''Tories''. Isn't it odd he uses such a British term, considering his obvious hatred of everything British?

Carlton is evidently out of touch with the Australian people. It's about time Fairfax injected some fresh blood into their predictable and boring newspapers.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Robertson's Sick Stunt

NSW Labor Leader John Robertson has used the terrible floods in NSW to attempt to score petty political points over his Liberal opponent, Barry O'Farrell.
Mr O'Farrell is visiting family in Darwin for less than 24 hours, but will take out only 2 hours to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser. That didn't stop Robertson from using the event to attack the Premier.
Robertson claimed the Premier was ''jetting off to Darwin to host a party fundraiser''.
Mr Robertson, who only 15% of people think would make a better Premier also claimed Mr O'Farrell was lying when he said he was paying his own way.

Imagine the media reaction if a Liberal had said all this.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New Small Business Minister Just a Union Hack

In the tradition of Labor Small Business Ministers, the new Minister Brendan O'Connor has no experience in running a small business. O'Connor's employment experience consists completely of union roles.
As his biography reads, O'Connor was a union official from 1986-2001. This included stints at the ASU and the Municipal Emplyees Union.

It's time we had a Small Business Minister that understood the concerns of small business owners.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Wayne Swan's Class War

Well, isin't Wayne Swan an ungrateful, arrogant and ignorant union hack.
After this diatribe in The Monthly, we evidently were asking too much for our Treasurer to stop his absurd attacks on the wealth generators of our country.
Today at the Press Club he continued his assault labelling miners ''greedy'' and ''wildly irresponsible''
Due to the strong resources sector we not only survived the global financial crisis, but continue to see falls in unemployment.
Swan should think again.

Labor wants to control what you read on this blog, too.

Dr David Stockwell makes an interesting point about the new Media Police. The report by Justice Finkelstein QC proposes that blogs with 15,000 hits per year would come under the watch of a so-called 'News Media Council'. As Dr Stockwell points out, 15,000 hits a year would not equal 15,000 readers. 90% of hits on a small blog are by 'search bots' from search engines like Google, spammers and machines.

Dr Stockwell says
''Lets be generous and say that 10% of hits could be identified with real people, around 75% of these are bounces, people who click away within a few seconds.
Of the real readers, they might browse a few pages, contributing 3 or 4 hits.
Therefore, the ratio of hits to readers is around 0.1*0.25*0.25 or less than 1%.''

This new Police Force could strike those like me who run a small blog or even someone running a family blog.

If we don't act soon, we'll be heading down the road of North Korea.

What can you do?


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