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Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter

To all my readers: I hope you have a wonderful and joyful Easter. And don't forget to remember the reason for Easter.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Donate to the fighting fund

The leading conservative action group in Australia, the IPA have launced the IPA Freedom of Speech Fighting Fund. The fund will, amongst other things:

  1. Produce Freedom Watch, a regular email service to alert Australians about the threats to their free speech
  2. Fund freedom of speech briefings in Canberra and every capital city for our politicians
  3. Help reach out to young people online to convince them about the need to defend free speech
  4. Commission legal advice to find out whether a compulsory media regulator is constitutional
  5. Mail a new book on free speech to every major judge, legislator and journalist in the country
To donate, click here

Moore should head to Bellingen

After the passing of a bill to force Clover Moore out of her dual roles, I have some thoughts.

Clover Moore would make a good Mayor of Bellingen Shire or Lismore Shire. In one of those tree changer havens she could make herself right at home. She could pursue her City of Villages dream there without the laughter that followed her announcement of the Sydney 2030 plan which described ''CBD and Harbour'' as one of the ten ''villages''.
She could ban Tim-Tams with the widespread approval of the vegans in Nimbin. She could create bike lanes from village to village. She could hold an annual gay pride event in Lismore, without Fred Nile praying for rain.

She would even be able to take a keen interest in the coal seam gas debate, and would probably soon be known as a rural maverick like Bob Katter.
She could even live in a village.

NBN Could be a 'financial disaster'

Percy Allan, President of the Australian Institute of Public Administration and former boss of the NSW Treasury under NSW Premiers Neville Wran, Nick Greiner and John Fahey has today claimed the NBN was ill thought through.
He told Fairfax Newspapers: ''That choice might be to spend $36 billion ripping out copper wire and disconnecting Foxtel cables and starting afresh, which is the proposition we are facing. But had they examined the need, examined options and consulted they might have discovered cheaper ways to fill the need''

He also said ''If a lower than expected proportion of people end up subscribing to it because they don't want to pay Rolls-Royce prices for a Rolls-Royce service, this thing is going to be a financial disaster - watch public opinion then''

What a shame Labor ignores true experts and takes selective advice.

Better broadband infrastructure is needed, but this way seems rushed and far too expensive.

Note: Earlier, I had mentioned an NBN employee and linked them to this article. I accept that person had no connection to this issue. I apologise to the person concerned.

Royal Commission time

It's about time a Royal Commission was called into the Craig Thomson-Unfair Work Australia saga. The latest chapter of this sordid tale was revealed today. The CDPP admitted it could not use the FWA Inquiry report as it was not a ''brief of evidence''

We urgently need a Royal Commission with the power to demand documents and compel witnesses.
If this wasn't so very serious, it would be laughable.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tell the ABC what you think on climate change

The ABC is asking for peoples views on climate change:

Let the fear-mongers know.

Minor Lib Scandal v Major ALP Scandal. Hmm, which to run first.

Both Channel 7 News and Channel 9 News faced a dilemma tonight. Two political scandals. Which one to run first...

Scandal 1. Communications Director to Barry O'Farrell resigns due to personal misconduct. Do direct impact on the NSW Coalition majority Government

Scandal 2. FWA finally hands down its 1,100 report into the HSU. Thomson is alleged to have misused $100,000+ of members money on lavish holidays, cash withdrawals, prostitutes, etc. Thomson's resignation would bring down the Federal Labor/Greens minority government.

Guess which story ran first?

Time to resign, Craig

Fair Work Australia has finally handed-down its long awaited report into the HSU. The 1,100 page report which took longer than the 9/11 Commission to complete has been referred to the Commonwealth DPP. 181 contraventions have been identified, including 76 criminal allegations.

Whether Thomson believes he is innocent or not, he should step down as the Member for Dobell. This ongoing saga and possible legal proceedings will clearly detract from his work of representing the people who elected him.

Monday, 2 April 2012

What's important to you?

GE is asking Australian's in two words to describe ''what you feel is the single biggest challenge'' facing us in the future.

Currently, the results are stacked with words like 2. ''Clean Environment'' and 7. ''Religious Harmony''.

I think much more important challenges are facing us. So tell GE what matters to you. My suggestion is ''free speech''

Tell GE here:

Gillard attacks voters as rednecks

Julia Gillard has taken a swipe at Australians, implying voters don't dislike her because of the lies and incompetence, but because of her lack of Religious faith and her personal life. She told an audience last night:
''I tell him (Barack Obama): 'You think it's tough being African-American? Try being me … Try being an atheist, childless, single woman as Prime Minister.''

She then heaped praise on herself, declaring:
''It's impossible to explain how we got through the 2010 election campaign with all the leaking. Then I formed a government relying on two conservative country independents''

Calling Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott ''conservative'' is an insult to conservatives. Both have a deep hatred for the Nationals, and Oakeshott has previously described himself as ''socially progressive''.

Mumbling Untruths

Peter Brent AKA Mumble, has, since Tony Abbott became Liberal leader bagged him. Even after he nearly won the 2010 election, and received more primary votes in that election, he still bagged him.

He still attacks Abbott, even after the massive defeat of Labor in Queensland, and even though The Coalition currently lead 57-43 in the polls.

Today he bizarrely claimed ''I don’t believe politicians telling lies in election campaigns is particularly damaging because voters are long used to it''. In his piece today he could not resist slurring Abbott, claiming ''And while Tony “mouth before brain” Abbott is opposition leader hope remains. For the government''

Well, Peter, perhaps you could use you PhD in ''Political Science'' to explain todays Fairfax/Gallaxy Poll or even the most recent Newspoll, done by your own paper?

Or you could explain how the Government is not doomed, as you predicted today?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rising Tide thugs block coal movements

Extremist protest group Rising Tide have blocked access to the world's biggest coal port in Newcastle. The lunatics blocked shipping movements throughout the day.

A spokesman claimed  that ''more than 300'' people descended on Horseshoe Beach for the ''peoples protest against coal mining'', despite the fact thousands of jobs in the Hunter Region rely on this very industry.

Until these people put forward a credible alternative energy source, they will be seen by many as attention-seeking opportunistic narrow-minded idiots.

Jailed student loses appeal

21 year old University student Liam Stacey has lost his appeal against his outrageous jail sentence for making racist statements on Twitter.

The same Judge who heard and rejected his appeal was Justice Wyn Williams who in 2011 allowed a mother to walk free after she murdered her autistic son.

Ironically, despite rejecting the argument Mr Stacey who has been vilified and abused throughout the world and is likely to be expelled from Swansea University has been punished enough, he told convicted killer Yvonne Freaney that ''You have already been punished enough''

What a hypocrite.