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Monday, 12 March 2012

Katter's Ad: Is it homophobic?

While Bob Katter's gay marriage ad is bizarre, absurd, and tacky; is it homophobic? No.

That doesn't mean it's not stupid, misleading and offensive.

Not only does it bring gay marriage (a federal issue) into state politics out of pure political opportunism but it genuinely looks like something from the 1950's. Further, the creators made the mad decision to use a Stock photo of two French men posing with fake breasts and pregnant stomach. Evidently the only photo of two shirtless gay they could find.

I must say I disagree with Andrew Bolt, someone I admire on this issue.
He claims on his blog ''why show a gay couple as a beautiful young man and an older and plainer one? Again, the intention seems plain: to link gay marriage or gay relationships generally to paedophilia - or at least to gay predators''
That's highly unlikely, and a very long bow to draw.

Secondly, he asks ''what’s with the footage of Newman folding a skirt, after asking in this context: “How well do you really know Campbell Newman”? This time the intention is slightly less clear, even if the malice isn’t. Is this meant to sneer at gays as sissies? Or at Campbell as a closet gay - or even crossdresser''.
Frankly, that's absurd. The footage was TV footage of Newman saying he backed gay marriage. The question 'How well do you know Campbell Newman' was not asked directly before showing the footage.
Lastly, Bolt backs civil unions. I'm surprised and dismayed.
Bob Katter formally rebuffs Bolt's claim about the dress. It was a coincidence. 


  1. A conservative does not grant terms like "homophobic" legitimacy.

    That Bolt & Blair both use the term is further indications that they aren't what they portray themselves to be.

    Well done on your blog. Maybe you could do a post on what exactly is conservatism. Use Blair & Bolt for comparison against a definition of conservatism.

    I think you will be surprised at the conclusions. Bolt & Blair are in fact neoconservatives: socially left, and economically free trade absolutist. Both are open borders advocates in the advancement of international corporatism.

    All the best Young Conservative.

  2. This is just an example of dirty tricks campagning. Katter's Party comes a poor second to the smear and innuendo that Bligh and Labor have thrown at Cambell Newman. Not a single 'allegation' from Bligh has been proven and I agree with the view by some, that this is all a smoke screen to hide Labor own appalling record Government. Katter won't have won any support from this grubby episode,it has less to do with the subject, more to do with whatever it takes.