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Sunday, 11 March 2012

FitzSimons Hypocrisy

Peter FitzSimons, one of the many far-left columnists on staff at Fairfax today took aim at the appointment of Clive Palmer as a National Living Treasure.

FitzSimons asked ''Why, precisely is he a Treasure?  Philanthropy? He is not a noted philanthropist. Perhaps he acted, then, in a manner, beyond his own self-interest, that has lifted countless Australian lives? I can't see that either. For his contribution to the arts or sciences?''

I ask FitzSimons then why the following are on the list:
  • Phillip Adams
  • Bob Brown
  • Julian Burnside
  • Peter Garrett
  • Jennie George
  • Germaine Greer
  • John Hatton
  • Cheryl Kernot
  • Michael Leuning
  • Ted Mack
  • Jack Mundey
Let us know, FitzSimons.


  1. Phillip Adams - has contributed to many cultural activities in Australia for years, both in terms of time and money. He is one of the main reasons we have an Australian film industry today.
    Bob Brown - led the campaign to save the Franklin River in Tasmania. Has donated his large Tasmanian property for nature conservation purposes.
    Julian Burnside - has represented countless people, mainly refugees in court free of charge.
    Peter Garrett - was the head of one of the largest and most successful rockbands Australia has ever produced, raising the profile of many political issues amongst youngsters who would likely not otherwise have become aware of them....

    I could go on, but I won't embarrass you any further.

    The point is that Clive is a highly successful and extremely rich man who hasn't done anything of much social significance or altruistic merit in his life.

    You really need to try harder, most of your posts just make you look ignorant. Strangely though, a 16 YO's ignorant conservative musings read much the same as older, and should-be wiser conservative commentators. Go figure!

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for your comment.
    In relation to Philip Adams many people are involved in the Australian film industry that are not on this list, such as people who have produced ground-breaking Australian films like Crocodile Dundee (Paul Hogan, Peter Faiman), Moulin Rouge!, Australia (Baz Luhrmann), Babe (Chris Noonan) and many more. Peter Weir springs to mind. Simply writing a report as Adams did should not qualify you as a Living National Treausre. In relation to Bob Brown, this is a pick that depends upon your personal politics. Many people would not have supported Brown's campaign. I certainly dispute Brown 'led' the campaign. Many others were far more involved than Brown. In relation to Julian Burnside I would argue he has cost taxpayers significant amounts of money, when most Australians support TOUGHER restrictions on the rights of those who come to Australia illegally. Simply representing people for free should entitle all legal aid lawyers to be added to the list. Peter Garrett is one of the more worthy of those on the list.

    Since you are so sure of your argument, feel free to let me know why former Labor MP Jennie George is on the list or Cheryl Kernot or Michael Leuning.
    Have you noticed most people on the list lean to the political left. I'm happy to debate with you, but it would be nice if you could be mature enough to restrain from insults. I won't hold my breath.

  3. People of the left tend to be more altruistic and contribute more to social culture and arts than those on the right, that is why there are more left leaning people on the list. Only a righty would look at that list and find something to whinge about.

    I'm reminded of the scene from the movie Sixth Sense when the young boy tells his mother:


    The right complain. The left try to make a difference.

    1. Ha ha ha! 'The left try to make a difference'. Very one-eyed statement.
      Since you are so sure of your argument, feel free to let me know why former Labor MP Jennie George is on the list or Cheryl Kernot or Michael Leuning.