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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Socialist Morning Herald

Adele Horin, another far-left columnist at the Socialist Morning Herald aka the Sydney Morning Herald today launched a tirade against success and hard work. Horin claims that the fact we lack an death tax is a ''rarity amongst developed nations''. Horin evidently forgets Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, New Zealand and significant parts of Europe. It must be convenient to twist the facts to suit your ideological beliefs. She claims the lack of a death tax is ''wrong if we value fairness and meritocracy''.
How is it ''fair'' to tax money which has already been subject to other forms of taxation when earned?
How is it ''fair'' to take away significant portions of money left by a deceased person and hand it over to the government?

Horin claims all estates go to wealthy kids. Not true. Many estates are under $1 million. Most are split between several children and significant amounts are left to charity. Horin's proposal would harm charities all around the country.

It's about time the Sydney Morning Herald appointed a conservative columnist to put an end to the tiring socialist rantings of failed hacks.

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  1. Another tax? Why not... It is the labor government after all. They already brought back stamp duty on deceased estates which is 99% of inheritance. This government is a disgrace so I will be suprised if labor don't agree with this imbosile