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Monday, 15 October 2012

Creeping republicanism not welcome

In 1999, Australians clearly voted against removing The Queen as our head of state. In every state, Northern Territory and Norfolk Island, the vote was an overwhelming no. Despite this, some undemocratic left-wingers are determined to ignore that result, and the facts polls show even less back a republic than in 1999 (around 30% now), and continue with the agenda.
Some recent examples:

It's clear the Republicans are losing, but we must be vigilant.

Milne turns on Gillard, exposes hypocrisy

Greens leader Senator Christine Milne has turned on her governing partner, Prime Minister Julia Gillard accusing her of hypocrisy (a common theme amongst politicians), over her vile attacks against Conservative leader, Tony Abbott. She pointed to both Ms Gillard's defence of deluded former Speaker Peter Slipper over his comments about female genitalia and his comments that a conservative MP was an 'ignorant bitch' and the attacks on her by right-wing Labor senator David Feeny, who posted captions describing her 'emotional states'

People can see through Ms Gillard's desperate 'sexism' allegations - the real sexism comes from her party.
One of my favorite assesments of this farce has been from Shadow Seniors Minister, Bronwyn Bishop, who Labor has previously attacked over her age. Read it here

Nikki Sinclaire: The Member for Hypocrisy

Nikki Sinclaire is a member of the European Parliament representing the West Midlands. In 2009, she was elected to represent the Eurosceptic party, UKIP. Not long after being elected, this grub refused to sit with UKIP in the European Parliament, because other members of UKIP's European-wide parliamentary group, Europe of Freedom and Democracy, in her words 'wanted me dead'. She claimed members of the group discriminated against her to the point of physical violence because she is a lesbian.

She has now formed how own bizarre little party with the name 'We Want a Referendum Party'. Obviously she was not satisfied with any of the failed Eurosceptic parties like Veritas, One London, Popular Alliance, No2EU, Libertas, English Democrats or the United Kingdom First Party. The embarrassing thing for Sinclaire is that one of the high-profile members of her new party is far-right bigot George Hargreaves.
Here he is at their very poorly attended little 'conference' (far-right on the picture, and in politics)

Here he is speaking:

The ironic thing is this man has extreme homophobic views. He is the leader of the Christian Party and has been involved with the Christian Voice group, an organisation that supports the death penalty for 'sodomy' ie homosexuality, want to overturn marital rape laws and holds other extremist views. In the 2007 Scottish elections, Mr Hargreaves described a candidate as a 'gay fundamentalist' and stated 'This is not about gay rights, it’s about gay wrongs'. The Christian Party's manifesto for the Scottish election contained proposals for the reinstatement of Section 28, banning of gay adoption and the prohibition of "acceptance or approval" of homosexuality in diversity training. It also claimed gay people die earlier - 'We will publicise the catastrophic effect of ungodly behaviour on the life expectancy and health of people, whom God loves and we should love; particularly homosexuality...'

One of the more bizarre statements he has made is that the Welsh flag is 'nothing less than the sign of Satan'.
When a Twitter user asked Nikki Sinclaire about this hypocrisy she wrote back:
Finally, she also claimed on Twitter that she is concerned about the 'democratic deficit' - well Nikki, perhaps you should resign from the Parliament and give your seat back to UKIP, like the people of the West Midlands chose.
This woman is a hypocrite, a liar and a disgrace. 

UPDATE: This is not what this post was about, but here is the statement Christian Voice leader in support of the death penalty for homosexuality:

So the extremists threatening libel action should be quiet.

UPDATE: It's quite amazing how many comments below are made by people with the EXACT same IP address.
Insane Trolls.