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Saturday, 26 May 2012

This is wrong: teens have 8 abortions

Shocking and abhorrent statistics out of the UK: figures released under Freedom of Information reveal that young girls are having up to eight abortions , all paid for by taxpayers.
While only three teens had eight abortions, four more had a termination for the sixth time in one year, while 14 had their fifth abortion, 57 a fourth and 485 have had three abortions.

As the Daily Express reported, Of the 38,269 abortions on teenage girls in 2010, more than 5,300 were on those who had already had at least one termination

More tragic news to prove our abortion-happy culture must stop.

Howes advocates corruption

Paul Howes

Paul Howes, the National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union has never worked in the mines or the factories, despite representing workers who do. He has never done a hard days work in his life.  He left school in Year 9 and joined far-left groups such as the militant Resistance at 16. He became a union official at 17.

Yet now, Howes has been caught out advocating corruption in government. Mr Howes attacked the decision of the federal government to allow self-made billionaire Gina Rinehart to employ 1,700 foreign workers. While that is a debateable point, Mr Howes then made this absurd comment: ''After months of the government making it clear Gina Rinehart is our enemy, where is the consistency?, what are we doing? It doesn't make sense''.

Mr Howes is clearly advocating the government treat Mrs Rinehart differently. That's corruption, and is illegal.

Plus, why is someone who already employs thousands of Australians and generates massive wealth for our nation an ''enemy''?

Union officials are so out of touch with working families.

Good point from Tim Blair: Leftists have discovered immigrants they don’t like – those who arrive with passports and want to work

One of the biggest critics of the decision has been Labor Senator Doug Cameron. Ironically, Cameron is Scottish. Isn't that taking jobs from Australians?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Where's Thomson?

Craig Thomson is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to represent the 90,000+ constituents of Dobell. Yet for the third day in a row, Thomson has failed to appear in Question Time. How is that fair?

Conservative by name only:Lib MLC's back gay marriage

Three Coalition members of the NSW Legislative Council have betrayed voters and party members by defying federal leader Tony Abbott to back homosexual marriage.
(Left-right) Trevor KhanScot MacDonald and Upper House President Don Harwin all support the proposal, and the first two are likely to vote to back gay marriage in a motion of support. Mr Harwin cannot vote as he is the Presiding Officer. The Hon. Trevor John KHAN,  B Juris LLB(UNSW) MLCThe Hon. Scot MACDONALD,  Masters in EnvMan UNE GCNAT BFin.Admin MLCThe Hon. (Don) Donald Thomas HARWIN,  BEc(Hons) MLC

As one Federal Liberal MP once said ''Nobody joins the Liberal Party to be left-wing. If you stand for compulsory student unionism, drug-injecting rooms and lowering the [homosexual] age of consent, you can choose the Greens, Labor or the Democrats."

Shame on these three for betraying Liberal and National Party members and for betraying conservative voters.


National Sarah Mitchell, elected at the last election joins the club.
The Hon. Sarah MITCHELL,  MLC

What can you do?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Good news: gay health/political group state funding withdrawn

Good news out of Queensland: taxpayer funding for the QAHC a gay ''health'' group/political group has been withdrawn
QAHC, which received $2.5 million a year from Queensland taxpayers has signalled it's intention to run political campaigns. The group was also behind the obscene ''rip-n-roll'' safe sex ads which featured two gay men hugging, which was seen by children on bus shelters. With massive debt in Queensland, this is a sensible cut.

But, unfortunately, the group has signalled it will fight the move, no doubt with the support of Get-Uppers.

ACTION ALERT: What can you do?