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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Conservative by name only:Lib MLC's back gay marriage

Three Coalition members of the NSW Legislative Council have betrayed voters and party members by defying federal leader Tony Abbott to back homosexual marriage.
(Left-right) Trevor KhanScot MacDonald and Upper House President Don Harwin all support the proposal, and the first two are likely to vote to back gay marriage in a motion of support. Mr Harwin cannot vote as he is the Presiding Officer. The Hon. Trevor John KHAN,  B Juris LLB(UNSW) MLCThe Hon. Scot MACDONALD,  Masters in EnvMan UNE GCNAT BFin.Admin MLCThe Hon. (Don) Donald Thomas HARWIN,  BEc(Hons) MLC

As one Federal Liberal MP once said ''Nobody joins the Liberal Party to be left-wing. If you stand for compulsory student unionism, drug-injecting rooms and lowering the [homosexual] age of consent, you can choose the Greens, Labor or the Democrats."

Shame on these three for betraying Liberal and National Party members and for betraying conservative voters.


National Sarah Mitchell, elected at the last election joins the club.
The Hon. Sarah MITCHELL,  MLC

What can you do?


  1. What a joke! I certainly wouldn't have voted for the Libs if I'd known this.

  2. This is the last time I'm voting for the NSW Liberal Party. Fred Nile, here I come.

  3. This is disgusting and goes against many Liberal and conservative voters. I hope there are consequences for them meddling with marriage. They are causing the Liberal Party to lose votes.