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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Good news: gay health/political group state funding withdrawn

Good news out of Queensland: taxpayer funding for the QAHC a gay ''health'' group/political group has been withdrawn
QAHC, which received $2.5 million a year from Queensland taxpayers has signalled it's intention to run political campaigns. The group was also behind the obscene ''rip-n-roll'' safe sex ads which featured two gay men hugging, which was seen by children on bus shelters. With massive debt in Queensland, this is a sensible cut.

But, unfortunately, the group has signalled it will fight the move, no doubt with the support of Get-Uppers.

ACTION ALERT: What can you do?

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  1. What part of the advertisement was obscene? Would a heterosexual couple hugging one another be considered 'obscene'? Why would such a tender and inoccuous expression of affection, irrespective of the genders of the partners, ever be harmful in any way to children?