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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The harmless video that led to a court case

This is the harmless, amusing video by charming Brisbane comedian Adrian Van Oyen that led to a court case. While some of the video is a little edgy, no one would could seriously think Van Oyen was a ticket inspector. Yet Translink and the Queensland Police evidently thought this video was serious enough to warrant a costly investigation and court hearing.

Unlike Melbourne group the Janoskians who touch and hump people in public, steal their food, block traffic by smashing appliances on the road, block traffic by busking, block traffic with this dangerous stunt, and try to make people move, Van Oyen's videos are not threatening, dangerous or sinister, rather they appeal to a larger audience and are funny for those being 'pranked' too.

Van Oyen's videos include
*'50 Epic Dance Moves' (In Public)
*Pick Up Lines (Saying things such as 'Will you be my penguin and I'm Mr Right, someone said you were looking for me')
*More Pick Up Lines (Where he gets kissed)
*Public Serenade (One Direction, One Thing)
*Public Serenade (The Way You Make Me Feel)
to name a few. Follow him on Twitter here, Facebook here, and see his Vlog channel here.

I imagine Queensland Police have a lot on their plate, so Van Oyen should be the last of their worries. And surely a warning would have done? Violent young offenders seem to get away with a lot, but if you pretend to fall asleep on a train or without uniform or ID you ask to inspect tickets, you are marched to court instantly.

Additionally, Van Oyen was fined and given a good behaviour bond. This is ironic. Apparently what he did was a bad as punching someone in the face - recent figures indicate 59% of those convicted of common assault get a good behaviour bond.
Additionally, a large number convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault with intent got a good behaviour bond.
The law is an ass.