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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Some Questions For Peter Slipper

I have some questions for Peter Slipper. I have forwarded these questions to him and his office. Any response from Mr Slipper will be posted below.
  1. During July 2009 - December 2009, Mr Slipper purchased subscriptions to the following magazines: The Wine Magazine, Madison, Harper's Bazaar, The Australian Women's Weekly, Nature and Health, Men's Fitness, Sport Diving, Wellbeing, Gourmet Traveller, House and Garden and Australian Aquarium Keeper, costing $1049.31 to the taxpayer. In what way are these publications relevant to his role as an MP?
  2. During 2010, Mr Slipper purchased subscriptions to additional titles including: GQ, Esquire, Outdoor Design and Living, donna hay magazine, Country Style, Vogue Australia, Australian Women’s Health, NZ House & Garden and Delicious. In what way are these publications relevant to his role as an MP?
  3. On 28 July 2009, Mr Slipper caught a taxi from ''City'' to ''Sydney''. Could Mr Slipper elaborate on what the departure place was?
  4. On 21 September 2009, Mr Slipper caught a taxi from ''Suburbs'' to Kings Cross at 23:02. Could Mr Slipper explain what he was doing and how this was relevant to his constituents on the Sunshine Coast?
  5. On 22 September 2009, Mr Slipper caught a taxi from ''Office'' to Taylor Square, an inner Sydney suburb. Could Mr Slipper explain what ''Office'' he was referring to?
  6. The above mentioned trip was taken at 00:38am. Could Mr Slipper explain his reason for being in Taylor Square after midnight, and how this was relevant to his constituents on the Sunshine Coast?
  7. On 23 September 2009, Mr Slipper again took a taxi from ''City'' to ''Kings Cross'' at 06:15. What was Mr Slipper doing at this time?
  8. On 14 October 2009, Mr Slipper took a taxi from ''City'' to ''Brickfield Hl''. Could Mr Slipper clarify whether he was referring to the Brickfield Hill B&B?
  9. On the same day, 14 October 2009, whilst in Sydney, Mr Slipper took a taxi from ''Office'' to ''Office''. Could Mr Slipper detail what ''Office'' his destination was?
  10. On the 26 December 2009, Boxing Day, Mr Slipper took a trip at 20:45 from ''City'' to ''City''. Could Mr Slipper clarify both the departure and arrival destinations and the purpose for this trip?
  11. Could Mr Slipper explain why he constantly uses limousines instead of taxis?
  12. Why did Mr Slipper tell Parliamentary colleagues that he had received a personal invitation to meet the Dalai Lama in Paris, only for colleagues to find the Dalai Lama was in Singapore?
  13. Is Mr Slipper of the opinion that the allegations against him in relation to sexual harassment are a News Limited conspiracy?
  14. Does Mr Slipper support freedom of the press?
  15. Could Mr Slipper explain how News Limited papers are a ''blight on democracy''?
  16. Why did Mr Slipper use his casting vote to vote in favour of the Private Health Insurance Rebate Means testing?
  17. Could Mr Slipper confirm or deny the existence of a tape which allegedly shows Mr Slipper cuddling a junior male staff member on a bed, believed to have been made in 2002?
  18. Why was Mr Slipper so keen to employ James Ashby that he approached Mr Ashby three times to offer him the job?
  19. Could Mr Slipper explain why the dockets he released were used over a fortnight, but have all been numbered sequentially?
  20. Could he also explain the major discrepancies in his signature on the dockets?
  21. When will Mr Slipper do the right thing by his constituents and the country and resign from Parliament?
  22. Finally, could Mr Slipper explain why Oakcorp Limousines charged $358.23 on 30 July 2010 to travel from Brisbane Airport to Buderim, when most Limousine services quote $180 for this trip?
We await answers.

Slippery Pete does a Bob Brown

Peter Slipper is a dill. Last night, he again took to Twitter to attack the media, only days after blaming a News Limited conspiracy for his downfall.
Mr Slipper accused News Limited of being the ''pits'' and a ''blight on democracy''.
What hypocrisy.
Slipper deserted his party, the party he was elected in 2010 to represent and deserted his electorate. He defied the judgement of the people of Fisher, and essentially joined the Labor Party, and struck a similar agreement with the government as the deals with Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. If anyone is a blight on democracy, it is this fellow, who has been accused of misusing taxpayer funds over many years (some of which he has been forced to repay). Much of the misuse of entitlement allegations have been made by the Sunshine Coast Daily, which is owned by APN News & Media.

He voted with Labor in favour of the Private Health Insurance Rebate means testing in 2011, despite campaigning against the move during the election campaign.

Peter Slipper is a blight on democracy. He is an unworthy occupant of the Chair, and could not walk in the shadow of Harry Jenkins and other past Speakers. Someone deserting their constituents for money and power is the pits, not the media holding our politicians to account.

Since Peter Slipper thinks all Independent newspapers have a vendetta against him and are a ''blight'' on democracy perhaps he could start a newspaper..

              THE RAT RAG

Price: $10 (All proceeds go towards my limousine costs)Publishing All The News That (Peter Slipper Thinks) Is Fit To Print

All allegations are denied.
 This week was a tiring week. News Limited continued to make up stories about me, in league with James Ashby and Tony Abbott. But I will continue to deny all allegations, despite the overwhelming evidence.
All allegations are denied.  
P.S. I've still got to think of a reason why I was in Kings Cross at 4am. Oh yes, and what the following magazines have to do with my work:  Australian Traveller, The Wine Magazine, Madison, Harper’s Bazaar, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Wealth Creator, Nature and Health, Men’s Fitness, Sport Diving, Wellbeing, Gourmet Traveller, Country Living UK, NZ House and Garden, Country Style, Vogue, GQ, donna hay magazine, House and Garden and Australian Aquarium Keeper,

Friday, 27 April 2012

Outrageous sentence for killer

Brendan James Sokaluk is a monster. He is responsible for the deaths of 10 innocent people during the Black Saturday bushfires. In essence, he is a murderer. Some people will argue he is not really a killer, because he did not premeditate the killings. Murder does not have to be premeditated. If someone sets out to rob a bank, but is confronted by a policeman and shoots them, that is not premeditated, but is still murder. They would be treated by the courts justly, and in NSW jailed for life. No questions. Senior Constable David Rixon was shot dead in March during a routine traffic stop in Coledale in Tamworth. His killing was not planned, but the actions of a drug dealer, Michael Alan Jacobs who panicked.

Sentencing Brendan James Sokaluk was ''extremely difficult'', claimed Justice Paul Coghlan, because Sokaluk suffered from ''autism'' and ''border-line mental impairment''. If Sokaluk's ''mental impairment'' is so severe he cannot tell the difference from right and wrong, he is likely to offend again. In only 14 years, Sokaluk could be roaming free, starting more fires and destroying the lives of more people. This loser lit the fire from two points, and was found by the jury to have told lies to cover his tracks. To add to his crimes, this creature was also charged with possession of child pornography.

People who have worked with Sokaluk say he often pretends to be more impaired than he really is. Someone who has known Sokaluk for years said he is as ''cunning as a fox''. He was not diagnosed with autism until after the crime. One neighbour said he used to light fires in his backyard ''four or five times a week''. It has been alleged by a source that he said after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 that if anyone did anything to him he'd ''shoot youse all''. He reportedly often remined people he knew where they lived. It had often been asked of Sokaluk if he was a firebug or a pyromaniac. The source claims he just smirked when asked. According to a former colleague, Sokaluk wasn't slow but was ''vindictive'' and ''very threatening''. He was good at making everyone else's job ''hell''. Another former colleague says Sokaluk admitted to playing up his disabilities for advantage in certain settings and said he ''wasn't stupid''.

Instead of letting this creature roam free potentially after only 14 years, he should be facing life imprisonment. Otherwise, he's a prime candidate for the death penalty, as many of his victims have called for.

Scum: Brendan James Sokaluk

Sokaluk with his burnt-out car

No, says Clegg. We can't ask the people.

British Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the left-wing Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has declared the British people don't deserve a say in the biggest change in the British political system in centuries. Mr Clegg and the Lib Dem-Conservative Coalition is anxious to abolish the historical House of Lords and replace it was a 'Senate'. Mr Clegg said ''If you subcontract to the British people an issue that the politicians at Westminster just can't deal with, it is asking a lot of the British people''. Mr Clegg is adverse to the judgement of the people.

As Lord Steel, the Aliance Party of Northern Ireland leader once said ''The great strength of the Lords is that it contains not just a bunch of experienced retired MPs but a whole raft of individuals with specialist knowledge and experience from the worlds of commerce, medicine, the services, the civil service, academia, the unions - the list is endless - none of whom would be likely to be available to stand for election''.The only reform needed is the appointment of Lords from other parties that get large percentages of votes such as UKIP, BNP, SNP and the Greens.

House of Lords

I don't know what she said, but I agree

Cabinet Minister Bill Shorten, often touted as a potential leader has suffered an embarrassing gaffe. Yesterday morning, Mr Shorten said in Melbourne: ''In terms of my opinion, the sexual harassment allegations are very harmful, they are very serious''. This appeared to be at complete odds with Miss Gillard's view that Slipper can return while not cleared of sexual harassment allegations. Even after Miss Gillard restated her position in Turkey, Mr Shorten went on Sky an hour later for this interview with David Speers:

Bill Shorten: "I haven't seen what she's said, but let me say I support what it is she said."
David Speers: "Hang on, you haven't seen what she has said?"
Shorten: "But I support what my Prime Minister said, so ... "
Speers: "Well, what's your view?"
Shorten: "My view is what the Prime Minister's view is."
Speers: "But you don't know what that is?"
Shorten: "I'm sure she's right."

The Liberal Party have released the below video:

Brussels tells Britain: Free Healthcare for everyone

The European Union has told the British Government it must scrap it's policy of refusing to allow unemployed EU citizens to live in the UK without health insurance. The Commission said in a statement that ''This breaches EU law'' and insisted that “entitlement to treatment by the UK public healthcare scheme” meant migrants could stay indefinitely without insurance.
This could cost cash-strapped Britain hundreds of millions of pounds.

MEP Nigel Farage, leader of the second-largest EU British based political party, the UK Independence Party, said: “These demands with menaces from Brussels destroy any ability of the UK to set conditions on EU nationals from entering the UK and once here taking advantage of our welfare state.
“The EU is undermining British interests.
“I would like to remind the Eurocracy that the NHS is the National, not the International Health Service.”

An EU spokesman confirmed failure to comply could mean a fine.

Nigel Farage MEP

More political spin in the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph this week continued it's strategy of giving opinion space to left-leaning politicians:
Last week, the paper published an edited transcript of a speech by Julia Gillard and articles by Jason Clare and Michael Danby.

Since the paper seems in desperate need of columnists can I suggest:
  • Glenn Milne, former Political Editor & Freelance journalist, sacked by ABC last year for questioning Julia Gillard's past
  • Paul Henry, co-host of Breakfast on Network 10 and former Candidate for the NZ National Party (sister party of the Liberal Party). Very witty and a true conservative
  • Gerry Harvey could be interesting - he always has something to say
  • Peter Reith - a brilliant political mind
  • Prof David Flint - has wonderful knowledge of our constitution and would be a great read
I don't know if any of these people would want a job. But all would make for a better read then recycled press releases.

Any one else you think would do the job? Comment below.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

When in doubt, blame Tony Abbott or News Limited

Peter ''Slippery Pete'' Slipper has found himself a lot of Labor friends on Twitter. This probably has something to do with the fact he has joined the club of conspiracy theorists who claim the Unholy Trinity of News Limited, Tony Abbott and James Ashby (the staffer he is alleged to have sexually harassed) are behind an evil, wicked, baseless and unfair campaign to smear him. This has got to be one of the more absurd conspiracies. To see the sweet-as-sugar Twitter replies from Labor supporters is sickening.

Introducing the Unholy Trinity:

James Ashby              Tony Abbott

and of course........
Mr Slipper then adopts a vendetta against a man whom he could not walk in the shadow of: Mal Brough, who is running for LNP preselection for Slipper's seat of Fisher.

Evil Abbott sends thousands to charities

Evil Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott has presented Carers Australia with a cheque of $548,000, the National Beneficiary of his Pollie Pedal.
Mr Abbott also presented $148,000 to the Manly Women's Shelter, in his electorate. The shelter said they are now thinking of setting up transitional housing for women who have experienced homelessness or domestic violence.
Tony Abbott selected a women's shelter as this year's beneficiary of his annual long-distance cycling Pollie Pedal fundraiser. The cheque was for $148,000.

What's that about Abbott being a 'extremely dangerous bully' who 'hates women'? Oh, of course "Tony Abbott is a man educated and mentored by older men; a man who has rarely worked outside institutions created and run by men. He is a man . . . unable to comprehend what women -- who are 50 per cent of those Australians he wishes to govern -- need and expect from a modern leader . . .

Susan Mitchell really is a class act.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Alarmist admits: I was wrong

British environmental scientist James Lovelock has admited he 'extrapolated too far' in his books on global warming. He also claimed other warmists such as Al Gore and our own Tim Flannery are guilty of exaggerating their arguments. As the Daily Mail reported he said five years ago ''Before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable''. Other outlandish claims include ''Civilisation in it's present form hasn't got long''; ''By 2040, part of the Sahra desert will have moved into middle Europe..we are talking about Paris, Berlin. By 2040, China will be uninhabitable''; ''Florida will be gone altogether in not too long''.

Read more at the Daily Mail

Naive ''boys'' not so innocent after all

Last week the media were quick to leap on Police after the arrest of occupants of a car which had just deliberately mounted a packed footpath in an attempt to evade capture. The Sunday Telegraph made it a front page story; screaming it was a ''Bloody end to a teen joyride''. ''Conservative'' columnist Andrew Bolt declared ''This isn't right'' under the heading of ''These are boys, not bikies''.

It now turns out the 14-year-old thug who was driving the car has been in trouble with the Police since he was eight. The driver, from Mount Druitt in Sydney's south-west has a long criminal history which includes multiple car thefts. The shot 18-year-old Troy Taylor has had 500 contacts with Police.

It has also been revealed that one of the ''boys'', Matthew Dalton, 24 had consumed more than 20 alcoholic drinks before the incident and had smoked marijuana.

Meanwhile, today Daily Telegraph editorial slammed the media critics of Police such as Mr Bolt. The editor wrote ''It is worse still that police critics, who will never have to make a split-second decision that could end a life, are rounding on officers who on Saturday were placed in the ultimate no-win situation''

David Penberthy also wrote today about the insanity under the heading ''Teen hoodlums are not victims'':
''... the two young men alleged to be responsible for the mayhem in Kings Cross early on Saturday morning have only got themselves to blame for what ensued....It's a demonstration, not that one should be remotely necessary, that if you appear to have pinched a car and drive it into a crowd, there's a chance that the cops will deal with you with maximum and legitimate force''

Luke McIlvveen, writing for The Punch, took aim at the Greens and media ''Bad stuff happens when you drive stolen cars on the footpath...Unless journos and Aboriginal leaders around town start pulling their heads in, a racial uprising is exactly what we will get...While the country debates the rights and wrongs of his actions, a policeman is sitting home on forced leave waiting for pen-pushers to decide if his career is over''

Andrew Bolt, the Greens causing racial tension need to think calmly. And perhaps tell us what they would have done.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

British taxpayers slugged for EU (and other EU news)

The European Commission has demanded an extra £900 million ($1.398 billion) from British taxpayers, taking the total cost of EU membership to £666 ($1,034.62) for each household. This means the total cost of membership is £14 billion ($21.748 billion).

This excludes other initatives and bailouts.

In other EU news:

BREAKING: Slipper steps down


Peter Slipper has stood down as Speaker while investigations continue into allegations he sexually harassed a male staffer and defrauded the taxpayer. Deputy Speaker and Labor MP Anna Burke will act as Speaker.

Peter Slipper in Los Angeles yesterday.A shattered looking Peter Slipper

These are violent thugs, not boys

The reason we have increasing violent juvenile crime is simple. Police are attacked every time they attempt to deal with it. The latest hysteria comes after the Sunday Telegraph released footage showing a violent arrest in Kings Cross. These are not ''boys''. Firstly, the male in the footage, Troy Taylor is 18. He is therefore an adult. These ''boys'' were driving a stolen vehicle at 4:00am in Kings Cross, and had driven down the footpath in an attempt to evade police. An innocent women was hit and seriously injured.

These sort of incidents can have deadly and tragic consequences. In 2007, a woman was killed when a car mounted the busy footpath in Kogarah.

These ''boys'' are dangerous, violent thugs. If these ''boys'' had stopped when the Police first saw them, they wouldn't have been arrested like that. They don't need sympathy or bleeding hearts, the Police who deal with this sort of scum in Kings Cross and Redfern deserve sympathy.