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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Naive ''boys'' not so innocent after all

Last week the media were quick to leap on Police after the arrest of occupants of a car which had just deliberately mounted a packed footpath in an attempt to evade capture. The Sunday Telegraph made it a front page story; screaming it was a ''Bloody end to a teen joyride''. ''Conservative'' columnist Andrew Bolt declared ''This isn't right'' under the heading of ''These are boys, not bikies''.

It now turns out the 14-year-old thug who was driving the car has been in trouble with the Police since he was eight. The driver, from Mount Druitt in Sydney's south-west has a long criminal history which includes multiple car thefts. The shot 18-year-old Troy Taylor has had 500 contacts with Police.

It has also been revealed that one of the ''boys'', Matthew Dalton, 24 had consumed more than 20 alcoholic drinks before the incident and had smoked marijuana.

Meanwhile, today Daily Telegraph editorial slammed the media critics of Police such as Mr Bolt. The editor wrote ''It is worse still that police critics, who will never have to make a split-second decision that could end a life, are rounding on officers who on Saturday were placed in the ultimate no-win situation''

David Penberthy also wrote today about the insanity under the heading ''Teen hoodlums are not victims'':
''... the two young men alleged to be responsible for the mayhem in Kings Cross early on Saturday morning have only got themselves to blame for what ensued....It's a demonstration, not that one should be remotely necessary, that if you appear to have pinched a car and drive it into a crowd, there's a chance that the cops will deal with you with maximum and legitimate force''

Luke McIlvveen, writing for The Punch, took aim at the Greens and media ''Bad stuff happens when you drive stolen cars on the footpath...Unless journos and Aboriginal leaders around town start pulling their heads in, a racial uprising is exactly what we will get...While the country debates the rights and wrongs of his actions, a policeman is sitting home on forced leave waiting for pen-pushers to decide if his career is over''

Andrew Bolt, the Greens causing racial tension need to think calmly. And perhaps tell us what they would have done.


  1. I used to read Bolt all the time, but now I don't bother. After all, there are so many conservative commenators out there, Henderson, Devine, Blair, etc. When I see his articles, I just turn the page now.

  2. Serving NSW Police Officer24 April 2012 at 12:31

    Andrew Bolt is such an elitist, he's never done a hard days work in his life. He's never confronted the druggies and prostitutes and scum in Kings Cross we have to put up with. These 'boys' had run down an innocent woman who is seriously injured. They deserve everything they get. I hope they go away for a long time. Andrew Bolt and others who scream from the sidelines: I CHALLENGE YOU TO GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES AND COME TO KINGS CROSS AT4AM AND SEE WHAT ITS LIKE.
    Thanks to the bleeding hearts and sooks we can't do our job without fear of physical attack and ideological attack. Andew Bolt is a gutless moron.