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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Slippery Pete does a Bob Brown

Peter Slipper is a dill. Last night, he again took to Twitter to attack the media, only days after blaming a News Limited conspiracy for his downfall.
Mr Slipper accused News Limited of being the ''pits'' and a ''blight on democracy''.
What hypocrisy.
Slipper deserted his party, the party he was elected in 2010 to represent and deserted his electorate. He defied the judgement of the people of Fisher, and essentially joined the Labor Party, and struck a similar agreement with the government as the deals with Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. If anyone is a blight on democracy, it is this fellow, who has been accused of misusing taxpayer funds over many years (some of which he has been forced to repay). Much of the misuse of entitlement allegations have been made by the Sunshine Coast Daily, which is owned by APN News & Media.

He voted with Labor in favour of the Private Health Insurance Rebate means testing in 2011, despite campaigning against the move during the election campaign.

Peter Slipper is a blight on democracy. He is an unworthy occupant of the Chair, and could not walk in the shadow of Harry Jenkins and other past Speakers. Someone deserting their constituents for money and power is the pits, not the media holding our politicians to account.

Since Peter Slipper thinks all Independent newspapers have a vendetta against him and are a ''blight'' on democracy perhaps he could start a newspaper..

              THE RAT RAG

Price: $10 (All proceeds go towards my limousine costs)Publishing All The News That (Peter Slipper Thinks) Is Fit To Print

All allegations are denied.
 This week was a tiring week. News Limited continued to make up stories about me, in league with James Ashby and Tony Abbott. But I will continue to deny all allegations, despite the overwhelming evidence.
All allegations are denied.  
P.S. I've still got to think of a reason why I was in Kings Cross at 4am. Oh yes, and what the following magazines have to do with my work:  Australian Traveller, The Wine Magazine, Madison, Harper’s Bazaar, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Wealth Creator, Nature and Health, Men’s Fitness, Sport Diving, Wellbeing, Gourmet Traveller, Country Living UK, NZ House and Garden, Country Style, Vogue, GQ, donna hay magazine, House and Garden and Australian Aquarium Keeper,

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