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Friday, 27 April 2012

More political spin in the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph this week continued it's strategy of giving opinion space to left-leaning politicians:
Last week, the paper published an edited transcript of a speech by Julia Gillard and articles by Jason Clare and Michael Danby.

Since the paper seems in desperate need of columnists can I suggest:
  • Glenn Milne, former Political Editor & Freelance journalist, sacked by ABC last year for questioning Julia Gillard's past
  • Paul Henry, co-host of Breakfast on Network 10 and former Candidate for the NZ National Party (sister party of the Liberal Party). Very witty and a true conservative
  • Gerry Harvey could be interesting - he always has something to say
  • Peter Reith - a brilliant political mind
  • Prof David Flint - has wonderful knowledge of our constitution and would be a great read
I don't know if any of these people would want a job. But all would make for a better read then recycled press releases.

Any one else you think would do the job? Comment below.

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