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Sunday, 22 April 2012

These are violent thugs, not boys

The reason we have increasing violent juvenile crime is simple. Police are attacked every time they attempt to deal with it. The latest hysteria comes after the Sunday Telegraph released footage showing a violent arrest in Kings Cross. These are not ''boys''. Firstly, the male in the footage, Troy Taylor is 18. He is therefore an adult. These ''boys'' were driving a stolen vehicle at 4:00am in Kings Cross, and had driven down the footpath in an attempt to evade police. An innocent women was hit and seriously injured.

These sort of incidents can have deadly and tragic consequences. In 2007, a woman was killed when a car mounted the busy footpath in Kogarah.

These ''boys'' are dangerous, violent thugs. If these ''boys'' had stopped when the Police first saw them, they wouldn't have been arrested like that. They don't need sympathy or bleeding hearts, the Police who deal with this sort of scum in Kings Cross and Redfern deserve sympathy.


  1. There is an ongoing problem within the indigenous community and Sydney saw this on Australia day when Aboriginal teenagers were burning an Australian flag. So it's clear that a percentage of Aboriginal parents either don't care what happens to their children [probably because they're caught up in their own demons, the usual culprit being alcohol]. This percentage is a blight on the remainder who do work hard and give their children a positive example.
    These behavioural problems aren't new, but have been also been nurtured by a social system [educational, governmental,etc] that avoids addressing issues within the Aboriginal community. When the Liberal led government wanted to intercede in the NT, all sorts of controversy arose, even when there were potential cases of child sexual abuse. It seems that no one wants to address the problems inherent in the Aboriginal community, not even Aboriginal elders.
    In the newspaper articles today, Mick Mundine comes out to give a few media bytes and doesn't even say anything significant other than to go on about police brutality, thereby trying to divert the issue as usual. Nothing about the criminality involved, that I dare say is sociopathic. Even Mundine couldn't be bothered referring to the bystander trapped under the vehicle. When an Aboriginal elder doesn't address this, it's like giving a nod for Aboriginal thugs to continue along their anti-social path. But herein lies the problem, this indirect reinforcement or avoidance of the issues, only makes things worse for the Aboriginal community. It gives teenagers no real tools to handle themselves within a multi-cultural society. They cannot do anything to evict other cultures from Australia. They need to realise this.

  2. what a load of hasty generalisations

  3. Too true about Mundine, he was more concerned that violent thugs got hurt than the victim who they mowed down in the stolen car, Maybe Mundine is a racist, it certainly appeared that he is.

  4. Andrew Bolt isin't a conservative. I don't know why conservatives love him. He is pro gays and pro abortion. He is pro islam and prayer rooms. He is pathetic.