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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Evil Abbott sends thousands to charities

Evil Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott has presented Carers Australia with a cheque of $548,000, the National Beneficiary of his Pollie Pedal.
Mr Abbott also presented $148,000 to the Manly Women's Shelter, in his electorate. The shelter said they are now thinking of setting up transitional housing for women who have experienced homelessness or domestic violence.
Tony Abbott selected a women's shelter as this year's beneficiary of his annual long-distance cycling Pollie Pedal fundraiser. The cheque was for $148,000.

What's that about Abbott being a 'extremely dangerous bully' who 'hates women'? Oh, of course "Tony Abbott is a man educated and mentored by older men; a man who has rarely worked outside institutions created and run by men. He is a man . . . unable to comprehend what women -- who are 50 per cent of those Australians he wishes to govern -- need and expect from a modern leader . . .

Susan Mitchell really is a class act.

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