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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Melbourne state by-election results

  • At 9:07 with 45.16% of the vote counted, the Greens lead Labor 38.20% to 31.94% on primaries.
  • Other candidates with a high vote: Fiona Patten of the Sex Party on 7.27%, David Noelte, Independent Liberal on 5.46%, Stephen Mayne on 4.3% and Berhan Ahmed on 4.01
  • On a 2PP basis, Labor is just holding the seat with the narrowest of margins on 50.37% to 49.63%
  • This is only the second time the Greens have ever led on primaries - seats they have won such as Cunningham, Balmain, and Melbourne (federal) have all been on preferences
  • If Labor holds the seat, that is very bad news for the Greens. Even without the Liberals and with left-wing candidates such as Socialists and Anarchists standing, they fail to win the most left-wing seat in Australia
  • At 10:18, Labor has increased its lead slightly with just over 50% of the vote counted. Labor 50.75% v Greens 49.25
  • Very substantial informal vote of 9.11%

Monday, 16 July 2012

Faulkner slaps down Howes

Paul Howes has never worked in any of the industries in which the union he heads represents. He is a political hack who uses his position to only benefit the Labor Party.
Finally, he copped a slap-down from a party elder yesterday when former Defence Minister Senator John Faulkner attacked
''Why don't you put a sock in it for once?'' asked Senator John Faulkner to the cheers of conference delegates.
''I want to say to you, for a long time before you were even born, Paul, I fought Greens and Liberals and Nationals inside and outside the Parliament. I've even, Paul, fought more Greens and Liberals and Nationals than you've done media interviews''

Unions used to represent workers, and fight for their interests. Now, they only work for the interests of left-wing politics. This cocky, well-paid union thug is getting to big for his boots.

UPDATE: See video here