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Monday, 2 April 2012

Mumbling Untruths

Peter Brent AKA Mumble, has, since Tony Abbott became Liberal leader bagged him. Even after he nearly won the 2010 election, and received more primary votes in that election, he still bagged him.

He still attacks Abbott, even after the massive defeat of Labor in Queensland, and even though The Coalition currently lead 57-43 in the polls.

Today he bizarrely claimed ''I don’t believe politicians telling lies in election campaigns is particularly damaging because voters are long used to it''. In his piece today he could not resist slurring Abbott, claiming ''And while Tony “mouth before brain” Abbott is opposition leader hope remains. For the government''

Well, Peter, perhaps you could use you PhD in ''Political Science'' to explain todays Fairfax/Gallaxy Poll or even the most recent Newspoll, done by your own paper?

Or you could explain how the Government is not doomed, as you predicted today?


  1. Gee, what an insightful post.

    If you actually bothered to read more than one of Dr Mumbles blog posts you would find that he is generally critical of both sides of politics.

    Funny how all the conservative bloggers/commentors are happy to cheer on any journo\writer putting the boot into Gillard etc (never any accusations of bias there) yet as soon as someone dares to criticize the hallowed Dr NO, you all jump up and down yelling "bias" to anyone who will hear.

    Further to this you must be fairly blinkered\have a closed mind if you are unable to see that perhaps Abbott does sometimes speak before he thinks. No one is perfect.

    Finally, It is "musings" such as this that prove there is an inverse relationship between young conservatives and brain power. Get an education mate.

    1. This comment was in spam. Appropriate place I might add. No,it's not musings. It's Musings becasue its a title and the start of a sentence. Get an education mate.

  2. If you bothered to read more than one of Mr Mumbles blog posts, you would see that he is pretty evenhanded in his critcisms of both sides of politics.

    In what context is Mr Mumbles description of Dr NO as "mouth before brain" untrue? Dr NO has a history of speaking before he thinks and Mr Mumble has simply pointed this out.

    Strange there seems to be no post on this blog describing Mr Mumbles criticsims of Ms Gillard as untrue. Or is it only biased when someone writes something you disagree with?

    Try harder.....

    1. I read Mumble every day.
      I haven't seen a post my Brent attacking Gillard. I look forward to seeing on soon......

    2. "I read Mumble every day" you clearly dont actually.

      If you did you would see that he regularly notes that Gillards actions and communication skills are detrimental to her standing and that it would be to labors benefit to move Swannie out of the treasury because he is loathed, even by labor voters.

      once again, calling Abbott foot in mouth is not ├Ąttacking him. Why is it that so many conservatives see any form of crticism as attacking? Abbott is not perfect like any politician....