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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Moore should head to Bellingen

After the passing of a bill to force Clover Moore out of her dual roles, I have some thoughts.

Clover Moore would make a good Mayor of Bellingen Shire or Lismore Shire. In one of those tree changer havens she could make herself right at home. She could pursue her City of Villages dream there without the laughter that followed her announcement of the Sydney 2030 plan which described ''CBD and Harbour'' as one of the ten ''villages''.
She could ban Tim-Tams with the widespread approval of the vegans in Nimbin. She could create bike lanes from village to village. She could hold an annual gay pride event in Lismore, without Fred Nile praying for rain.

She would even be able to take a keen interest in the coal seam gas debate, and would probably soon be known as a rural maverick like Bob Katter.
She could even live in a village.

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