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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Senator Judith Adams. 11 April 1943 - 31 March 2012.

Liberal Senator for WA Judith Adams has died. Mrs Adams was 68 and had been battling breast cancer for several years.
She is survived by her sons Stuart and Robert and her grandchildren Taylor and Maelle.

Before entering Parliament Judith worked as a Nursing Sister in the NZ Territorial Army. In 1967, she worked during the Vietnam War as a civilian nurse. She was married to Gordon, a farmer and Royal Flying Doctor pilot, for 36 years. Sadly, he died in 2008.

She was a strong advocate for veterans and regional and rural Australia.

Rest In Peace.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Most extreme politician in the UK wins by-election

Britain's most extreme far-left politician, George Galloway has won the Bradford West by-election.

A taste of Galloway:

This man is dangerous.

Jailed student to appeal

Liam Stacey
Biology student Liam Stacey who was jailed for ''racist'' Twitter comments is set to appeal his outrageous prison sentence. While violent thugs walk free, Stacey was imprisoned for his stupid St Patrick's Day comments.

Let's hope common sense wins through.

Does Julia Gillard buy Twitter followers?

An investigation by the Young Conservative has found Julia Gillard has an incredible number of inactive Twitter followers, who have never tweeted, who are often not followed by many people (if any) and who generally follow few people.

These inactive profiles follow celebraties from Katy Perry to John Cleese to British Boyband One Direction members, foreign news services, and Julia Gillard. None of them follow individuals or friends.!/lynettefrancis5!/DJ_Nightrider!/ElizabethDThoma!/bec78_78!/KaylaMendola!/coenhill1!/rahuldag!/annepayton!/ClaireB19890871!/MIZZ1234!/JustChenny

All of them lack a profile picture, and all of them have never tweeted. Many of them have been on Twitter for months.

There are many online services where you can buy Twitter followers.
It seems possible Gillard is trying to buy popularity.

Leading businessman savages carbon tax

Outgoing Future Fund Chairman and former Commonwealth Bank Executive David Murray has savaged the carbon dioxide tax, describing it as ''In the case of the carbon tax, if you want me to tell you my view, it is the worst piece of economic reform I've ever seen in my life in this country.'' He continued ''The consequence of introducing that tax at that level in Australia today is very, very bad for this economy, particularly in terms of its international competitiveness.''

David is an intelligent man. He holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration, completed in Geneva.

He is spot on.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fred Nile's shameful political games

Fred Nile has sided with far-left anti-Christian MP Clover Moore and reportedly refused to back changes to the Local Government Act, unless the Government support amendments that would help his party.
The amendments would prevent Federal Liberal MP Joanna Gash from running in the Shoalhaven Mayoral elections in September. The current Mayor is Christian Democrat MP Paul Green.

What a cynical, unprincipled power grab.

Have your say on marriage: don't let GetUp sway the conversation

Left-wing groups like GetUp, NSW Gay Rights Lobby and Australian Marriage Equality are calling on their supporters to fill in a survey and send in submissions to the House of Representatives inquiry into the gay marriage bills.
Unfortunately, after the survey originally was running 57-43 against, it is now running 54-45 in favour.

For more details and to have your say by 20 April, follow the link

Nationalised Broadband Network: hypocrisy, rip-offs, failures

The $36,000,000,000 government-run broadband programme, has been branded the most-expensive in the world by the influential journal, The Economist. This comes on the day the NBN roll out moved into ''high-gear'' according to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
But on the day Stephen Conroy, the Minister for Communications claimed ''It's become an essential utility, like electricity or water'', the Government revealed 11 seats would miss out on the ''initial'' roll out. If the NBN is as essential as water, which is essential to life, why does anyone miss out?
Interestingly, 10 of those seats are held by the Coalition. One of them, Mackellar, on the North Shore of Sydney, adjoins Warringah, Tony Abbott's electorate, which is to be part of the roll-out. How strange that the NBN could go to Tony Abbott's electorate, but not an adjoining seat.

Pork-barrelling and political point-scoring?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

About time

Legislation to repeal a ban on uranium mining has passed the NSW Upper House.

About time. Nuclear Power is the only safe and efficient ''clean'' energy source

Offensive, but does it deserve jail time?

British University student Liam Stacey, 21, has been jailed for 56 days for ''inciting racial hatred'' after he used to Twitter to make offensive comments about Fabrice Muamba, a Bolton Wanderers midfielder who suffered a heart attack during a match.
Mr Stacey had been drinking since midday on St Patrick's Day had just watched Wales win a rugby match, and Tweeted ''LOL, F*** Muamba. He’s dead''
He later abused others who questioned his comment. I am by no means condoning or defending Stacey's comments. But, is it worthy of jail time?
And, if it is, why did a gang of drunk Somali Muslims get away with  racially targeting and attacking a white woman, screaming ''kill the white slag''. The group also called the victim a ''white b***h'', whilst kicking her in the head.

UPDATE: If racist tweets are illegal, why wasn't the Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington and Shadow Minister for Public Health Diane Abbott jailed or at least sacked when she Tweeted ''White people love playing divide and rule''? Some Members of the Public lodged complaints with the Met Police, but they said ''no criminal offence has been committed''

Double standards, eh?

Bob Brown's cheese finally slips right off his cracker

Bob Brown has a message for all aliens: give me a call.
He asked an audience in Hobart ''Why aren't the intergalactic phones ringing?'', before pondering that ''They have extincted themselves. They have come and gone. And now it's our turn''

This man is deranged.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm the one to trust, lies Gillard

Julia Gillard has asked Australian's ''who do you trust''
If people answered that question, they would certainly not say ''Julia Gillard'' after these broken promises:
No Carbon Tax
Written Agreement with Andrew Wilkie
East Timor Detention Centre
Citizen's Assembly
Cash for Clunkers
''In terms of my plan for a regional framework and a regional processing centre, we want to deal with the countries that are signatory to the refugee convention. Nauru is not'' - Gillard promising to only deal with countries that sign the refugee convention - only to make a deal with Malaysia, which has not signed the convention.

UPDATE: The Liberal Party has released a video on this very topic.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Spitting on the graves of our heroes

Bureaucrats have today launched their latest attack on reason, declaring ANZAC Day is a ''potential area of divisiveness'' and that commemorations should be ''culturally sensitive''

This tax-payer funded report is highly insensitive to our fallen diggers, as we approach the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

The morons that wrote this report need to wake up and think carefully about what they write using taxpayer funds.

UPDATE: It has been revealed today consultants Colmar Brunton who prepared the report did not speak to any ''recently arrived Australians''. Read more at the Daily Telegraph.