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Monday, 26 March 2012

Spitting on the graves of our heroes

Bureaucrats have today launched their latest attack on reason, declaring ANZAC Day is a ''potential area of divisiveness'' and that commemorations should be ''culturally sensitive''

This tax-payer funded report is highly insensitive to our fallen diggers, as we approach the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

The morons that wrote this report need to wake up and think carefully about what they write using taxpayer funds.

UPDATE: It has been revealed today consultants Colmar Brunton who prepared the report did not speak to any ''recently arrived Australians''. Read more at the Daily Telegraph.


  1. Does anybody know who the government funded clowns on the review were? Tell all your friends, that to send this bunch of morons in Canberra a message. get out on ANZAC Day a make a statement. LEAVE OUR CULTURE ALONE. ANZAC DAY IS OUR DAY NOT THEIRS. We honour those who have made a sacrifice when these oily polititians have got us into a wars. The common people, our servicemen and women don't start them the clowns in power do.

  2. Reality check: Its unaustralian to attack Anzac Day, Anzac Day is actually 'the Australian view on things'. You can shove your cultural relativism down the toilet, we aren't interested, thanks.and as for the Trotskyst head of government we are suffering under temporarily, we aren't interested in her views either.

  3. Have you read the report??? Simple yes or no. Read it and then be qualified to comment. The report is very supportive of everything related to Anzac Day. Don't base your opinions on what crap newspapers say. Go to the source and make your own opinions rather than what you're forced fed think.

    1. Yes, I have briefly looked at the report. Feel free to read it too:

      ''culturally sensitive'' and ''potential area of divisiveness'' are both in the report.

  4. I have read the report.

    First of all "culturally sensitive" is one out of 20 or so points, others being
    x Pride
    x Respect
    x National identity and unity
    x Gratitude, thank you and ‘thanks giving’.
    So what is so wrong about culturally sensitive as an item to consider .. aren't we sensitive already with former enemies marching in the parade?
    And what about the current invasion of "Gallipoli" nowadays by Ozzies? Don't you think that the existing Turkish government and people are showing an amazing degree of "Cultural Sensitivity?", or is that something that others show to Australians but not worthy of being reciprocated.
    Secondly the reference to " ... divisiveness ..." relates to a section headed "Risks and Issues to Consider", isn't there a possibility that it can alienate someone? Should we just assume that everyone is the same? Is that the Australia you want?
    I love Australia and Australians but I reject the view that everyone has to conform to the stereotype.
    This whole thing is an idiotic beat up, that again shows how badly we're served by the popular media.