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Saturday, 24 March 2012

LIVE: Queensland State Election Results Blog

Welcome to the blog. All times are in Queensland time. Please refresh regularly to see updates.

5:30 Welcome - polls close in half an hour. Labor headed for a wipeout.
5:34 Sky News Exit Polls ALP 26% - LNP 55%
5:35 Labor likely to lose 44 seats swing of around 15%
5:39 View my view on Labor's dirty tricks today
5:44 KAP Nanango Candidate Carl Rackemann claims the party will ''surprise everyone'' and the result won't be what ''newspapers are telling everyone''
6:00 Polls close. Now for the results!
6:01 While we wait for the results, take a look at my predictions
6:04 Clive Palmer: ''What you'll see tonight is the Labor Party down below five seats. They'll be lucky if there's five''
6:05 Bob Katter: 'We have 3,000 members. That rivals the major parties' The Liberal Party has 70,000 members
6:07 Bob Katter claims he is the ''alternative'' of the free market parties
6:09 Bob Katter who claimed his party would be the government of Queensland now admits he will lose
6:17 First results come in for Dalrymple: Katters Party 4 votes, LNP 2, Greens 1, Ind 1, ALP 0
6:20 Whitsunday early results come in LNP 57, ALP 23, KAP 23, GRN 14
6:23 Second place will be incredibly close between ALP and Katter's Party, say early results
6:26 Brisbane Central looking good for LNP 131 v ALP 76
6:29 Early results in Nanango - Deb Frecklington fending of Carl Rackemann from KAP
6:31 In Nicklin left-leaning Independent MP Peter Wellington is trailing
6:40 Anna Bligh behind in South Brisbane
6:42 Independent Chris Foley behind in his very safe seat of Maryborough
6:45 In the fifth-safest Labor seat of Mackay, Labor are behind
6:48 Current swing against Labor of 21%
6:53 Campbell Newman leading in Ashgrove
7:05 17% swing against ALP with 8% counted. LNP +7%. KAP 13.8%
7:07 Deputy Premier likely to lose seat of Mount Coot-tha
7:10 Robbie Katter wins Mount Isa.
7:27 Overwhelming victory for LNP. Labor left with 2 confirmed seats.
7:31 LNP defector and Katter's Australian Party state leader Aidan McLindon loses seat of Beaudesert to LNP
7:41 LNP just ahead in very safe Labor seat of Mackay
7:43 LNP ahead by 80 votes in Anna Bligh's vote of South Brisbane
7:47 Anna Bligh back in the lead in South Brisbane
8:15 Anna Bligh conceding defeat
8:16 Anna Bligh thanks ''Queenslanders'', MP's and Andrew Fraser (Deputy Premier)
8:23 Bligh praises asset sales saying they saved jobs
8:24 Bligh thanks family - husband, sons, mother, extended family
8:42 Campbell Newman arrives at LNP Victory Party
8:46 Newman ''I want to thank all Queenslanders for voting for change -  I want to thank the people of Ashgrove for voting for change''
8:48 Newman: Thank you for your trust. We will keep our promises. You have spoken decisively.
8:49 Newman: We don't underestimate the task ahead. The job starts tomorrow morning.
8:51 Newman acknowledges and thanks Bligh for service particularly during floods.
8:52 Newman thanks colleagues
8:52 Newman kisses wife Lisa and thanks family
8:54 Newman delivers an outstanding and gracious speech

Thanks for reading my election blog on a historic night. Labor will likely not have party status in the Parliament. The LNP will have 75+ seats. Katter's State Leader Aidan McLindon has lost his seat.
One interesting thing tonight has been the swing of 1% against the Greens. No doubt because of it's influence federally. Several Independent MP's suffer major swings.

Party vote statewide at 9:00:
LNP 48.96
Labor 23.84
KAP 14.75
Greens 7.19

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