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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Andrew Clennell v Barry O'Farrell

Andrew Clennell, State Political Reporter for the Daily Telegraph seems unable to accept there is no money left in NSW - the State Budget is $718 million in the red.
Despite this, he continues to call for major infrastructure spending, without any thought or planning.

Clennell also seems to think he is the defacto Opposition Leader of NSW - he has previously written an article in which he claimed funding had been ''cut'' from a free glasses programme when in fact, the money allocated to the programme had run out, as the article actually admits.
In addition, Clennell been running a ferocious and factually inaccurate campaign against the NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith. He even later admitted it wasn't even his idea to write one critical article about the Attorney-General - it was Labor Leader John Robertson's. In one article he wrote ''In a decision which has angered police, the presumption against bail for serious offences ... would also be removed under the proposals''
The only problem with that article was the fact there had been no 'decision'. The 'decision' was a review, done by the Law Reform Commission, which still hasn't gone to the Minister.


  1. So sick of this man! He is such a Labor communist stooge

  2. Andrew Clennel is such a wanker only Rupert Murdoch would consider employing him. Political reporter! Lol