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Monday, 16 April 2012

Sydney needs a second airport

I find my self in disagreement with Barry O'Farrell, after he called for Canberra to be Sydney's second airport. As Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said today ''There's nowhere in the world where you fly into a major global city and have to travel 300km to get to that city. It's like buying a ticket to New York and landing in Washington DC''.

As O'Farrell knows, a second airport in Metropolitan Sydney is electoral poison. My pick is for Newcastle Airport at Williamtown to be upgraded. The airport is already a ''designate international airport'' and is far closer to Sydney CBD than Canberra. Secondly, Newcastle is a growing city and it would be a big boost for the former steel city.

Regardless of where, Sydney desperately needs a new airport.


  1. No-one will ever say it because it's electoral poison. Concreting over the Parramatta river anwhere west of Cabarita plus putting a freeway running alongside the airport down the river. Hopefully the O'Farrell government will be an absolutely gutless do-nothing government on all supposed issues especially infrastructure. Every indication - from O'Farrell's rise from the scum at the bottom of the barrel to being the scum floating on top - is that O'Farell will be the most do-nothing Premier ever out of sheer cowardice and total pragmatic desire to win the next election. A do-nothing government is something that every conservative should applaud while realizing that O'Farrell is scum

  2. Meanwhile Mascott is only running at 50% capacity without any improvement - so lets spend some more wasted labor money on an new airport with no infrastucture - yeah great idea!