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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tell Tony: dump the Renewable Energy Target

The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is urging supporters to message Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and encourage him to commit to axing the Renewable Energy Target.

The RET mandates that 20% of power shall be from inefficient “green” sources by 2020. It is the main reason our power bills have been skyrocketing - and will rise even more.
There is no question about it - the RET needs to go.
Yesterday, Coalition MP’s, led by Queensland Senator and “Father of the Senate” Ron Boswell, and scientist Dr. Dennis Jensen MP, told Tony he must dump this green madness.
Tony Abbott’s response? “Renewable energy [is] an important issue and the Coalition had to commit to it.”
This is unacceptable. It is the same attitude that led to Malcolm Turnbull supporting the ETS. Tony Abbott needs to know it's just not good enough.
The numbers say it all:
Coal fired power station $79 per kw/h (kilowatt/hour)
Gas fired power station $97 per kw/h – or 1.2 times the cost of coal power
Wind power $1,502 per kw/h – or 19 (nineteen) times the cost of coal power
Solar power $4,004 per kw/h – or 50 (fifty) times the cost of coal power

Yesterday, Mr Abbott seemingly admitted the RET is driving up electricity prices.

Email and call 02 6277 4022 to urge Mr Abbott to commit to dumping this ridiculous green scheme.

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  1. Will coal & gas last forever?

    Perhaps we should bring forward investment in other forms energy generation?