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Monday, 25 June 2012

A pathetic stunt, all in vain

Bigoted Ronald Williams would have been feeling very pleased with himself last week after he won his court case against the Commonwealth concerning funding for Chaplains. Mr Williams is a bigot. He is an atheist, so evidently he is 100% sure God does not exist (arrogance, any one?). That's fine. He is entitled to disbelieve. But his disbelief was'nt enough. He wanted to take away the rights of others to believe, and the rights of others to go to Chaplains or ''missionaries'' and he so snidely called them.

But today, he suffered a serious slap in the face. His costly legal action, which comes with its own website full of bizaree conspiracies and nutty videos has resulted in no change to the current Chaplains funding arrangement. The Government will basically just have to introduce some legislation, that is certain to pass.
Fail. Hope it was all worth it, Ron.

UPDATE: This sorry fellow is now also begging for money, presumably he'll need it considering he has seven children to feed. Remember in the future Ron, children first, bizaree political stunts second.


  1. Oi! You believe in a God, I got something to tell you. There is no such thing as God. It is simply an invention of man. GOD DOES NOT EXIST!!! Show us proof that there is a God if you believe it.

  2. It's arrogance to assert the existence of something with no proof.

    Not the other way around.

  3. If you want your chaplaincy, then why don't you pay it yourself, I though you believe in less government, lower taxes, yet you want taxes for God-brainwashing. Separation of Church and State, do you believe in that?

  4. GG lawyers
    Bleed him, then get others to donate more

    But pretty sad when govts can't afford counsellors, need to draw on religious volunteers