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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sell Gina

Gina Rinehart is not an ogre. She is a brave, courageous woman who knows what she wants. Sadly, she has been personally vilified by many politicians, including the Prime Minister. She, as she has every right to do, invested in Fairfax and now owns nearly 20%. Yet Fairfax, a dying company, is continuing this pathetic farce of refusing to allow Mrs Rinehart, a highly successfull busineswoman who turned around the debt-ridden Hancock Prospecting after the death of her father any representation on the Board.
The company used the excuse that Mrs Rinehart won't sign the ''Fairfax Media Charter of Editorial Independence''. That excuse was proved feeble after this:

 ''FAIRFAX Media was embroiled in an editorial interference row last night after a director complained about one of its top radio presenters who had criticised the company for denying the world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, a seat on the board.
The unidentified male board member wrote a letter to Fairfax Radio about comments made by 2UE breakfast presenter Jason Morrison on Thursday''

My message to Mrs Rinehart is this: if Fairfax don't give their largest shareholder a single board seat without stupid and hypocritical terms and conditions - sell up and let the arrogant idiots steer the company right off a cliff.

An interesting point was made by Andrew Bolt toay. Mrs Rinehart owns shares in one media company; Network Ten, and has board representation at that company. Network Ten has one Conservative programme, The Bolt Report and several left-wing programmes and staff. The Project, The Circle, George Negus (who used to have a show that was axed due to poor ratings), Hamish McDonald (who hosts Ten Late News), Paul Bongiorno (Political Correspondent) and Kath Robinson (Breakfast co-host) are just some examples.
Channel Ten is a fantastic example of freedom of speech and a diversity of perspectives. If anything, it still leans to the left.

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