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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The height of arrogance: Argentina and the Falklands

President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has confronted British Prime Minister David Cameron at the G20 over the future of the Falkland Islands or 'Malvinas' as Argentina calls them. As the Daily Mail reports:

The South American leader appeared to attempt to thrust a package stuffed with documents  about her country’s claim to the British territory into Mr Cameron’s hands at the G20 summit in Mexico.
To her fury, the Prime Minister refused to accept it – and insisted that she respect the views of the islanders, who want to remain British.

Mr Cameron told her 'I am not proposing a full discussion now on the Falklands but I hope you have noted that they are holding a referendum and you should respect their views. We should believe in self-determination and act as democrats here in the G20'

Tension: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner attempted to hand Mr Cameron a package marked 'UN - Malvinas' but the Prime Minister refused to accept it

Mrs Kirchner is a disgrace, and should be ashamed that she abused the G20 for her own political purposes. Full marks to Mr Cameron (who I've criticised in the past over gay marriage and Lords reform, amongst other things) for his calm response, and for sticking to his guns.

Those supporting Argentina's claim have a history of arrogance. One reader once commented on an article I wrote with this:

''Malvinas belong to Argentina. The Islanders don't have the right to self-determination because they are subhumans. Argentina must kill to all the bastards who call themselves "Falkland Islanders" and recover Malvinas. An ethnic cleansing is the only solution.''

Argentina's Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo recently said 'We hope the UN resolution which is recognised by most countries in the world will be respected and Great Britain will sit down and discuss the sovereignty of Argentina (over the Falkland Islands) for which to us there is nothing to discuss, the Malvinas belong to Argentina'

Shame on these bigots.


  1. Isn't it a pity that British prime ministers, now and in the past, have never felt that self determination and democracy should be a priority for Irish people too. I suppose it's whatever suits them at the time.

  2. What about the self-determination of Ireland?