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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm the one to trust, lies Gillard

Julia Gillard has asked Australian's ''who do you trust''
If people answered that question, they would certainly not say ''Julia Gillard'' after these broken promises:
No Carbon Tax
Written Agreement with Andrew Wilkie
East Timor Detention Centre
Citizen's Assembly
Cash for Clunkers
''In terms of my plan for a regional framework and a regional processing centre, we want to deal with the countries that are signatory to the refugee convention. Nauru is not'' - Gillard promising to only deal with countries that sign the refugee convention - only to make a deal with Malaysia, which has not signed the convention.

UPDATE: The Liberal Party has released a video on this very topic.


  1. Juliar Lizzard is a puppet of the Rothschilds new world order and she is putting in place their agenda rather than what is best for Australia. Just like John Howard before her and no doubt those who will follow her will do the same.

  2. People just don't care enough to stand up to the stupidity our present government. When will that point be reached when people say enough?