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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Katter's Socialist Party

Bob Katter's Australian Party has announced plans to create a ''state bank'' if they win the Queensland election, halt coal seam gas exploration, ban foreign mine labour, give more power to unions and bring in Communist-style laws to curb Woolworths and Coles . How can this nutter be called a conservative?


  1. Because conservative doesn't mean selling out to buisness. Real conservatives care about their country and what is happening too it, The LNP are not conservative. Ohh and before you go sprouting your inane thoughts read about some of the candidates. The candidate for springwood excaped from communist romania and would not be involved in a communist style party.

    1. I never advocated 'selling out'. Bringing in more government regulation is not the answer, nor is founding a government run bank, a clearly socialist policy. Few countries have government run banks. Some that do: Cuba, China, Vietnam, Iran.
      Being conservative means applying REASONABLE regulation and taxation.

  2. The LNP 'leader',Campbell Newman, is not a real conservative because he supports gay marriage, euthanasia and multiculturalism.
    He is more of a liberal which is a dirty word in American politics.

    1. Re euthanasaia: That's not true. Newman says he is ''dead-set against it''.

      He might not be the best conservative in the Liberal Party, and I'm not really a fan. But Katter's Party can't win. If the conservative vote splits, Labor will get back in to push their left-wing agenda such as civil unions.

      Thanks for your comment.