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Friday, 27 April 2012

Brussels tells Britain: Free Healthcare for everyone

The European Union has told the British Government it must scrap it's policy of refusing to allow unemployed EU citizens to live in the UK without health insurance. The Commission said in a statement that ''This breaches EU law'' and insisted that “entitlement to treatment by the UK public healthcare scheme” meant migrants could stay indefinitely without insurance.
This could cost cash-strapped Britain hundreds of millions of pounds.

MEP Nigel Farage, leader of the second-largest EU British based political party, the UK Independence Party, said: “These demands with menaces from Brussels destroy any ability of the UK to set conditions on EU nationals from entering the UK and once here taking advantage of our welfare state.
“The EU is undermining British interests.
“I would like to remind the Eurocracy that the NHS is the National, not the International Health Service.”

An EU spokesman confirmed failure to comply could mean a fine.

Nigel Farage MEP


  1. As an old Conservative may I point out that here in Central Europe, all Eu citizens need a permit to stay more than 3 months in Vienna and to get that parmit you must have income and you must have health insurance. If your employer does not provide it then you have to be free lance and pay for it as a self employed person -reckon on over €3000 a year. And yes Austria is in the EU and yes I am an EU citizen and yes this is another one of those stories spread by UKIp to try to discredit the EU.

    1. What nonsense. This was not a UKIP story, it was a direct statement from the EU.