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Friday, 27 April 2012

No, says Clegg. We can't ask the people.

British Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the left-wing Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has declared the British people don't deserve a say in the biggest change in the British political system in centuries. Mr Clegg and the Lib Dem-Conservative Coalition is anxious to abolish the historical House of Lords and replace it was a 'Senate'. Mr Clegg said ''If you subcontract to the British people an issue that the politicians at Westminster just can't deal with, it is asking a lot of the British people''. Mr Clegg is adverse to the judgement of the people.

As Lord Steel, the Aliance Party of Northern Ireland leader once said ''The great strength of the Lords is that it contains not just a bunch of experienced retired MPs but a whole raft of individuals with specialist knowledge and experience from the worlds of commerce, medicine, the services, the civil service, academia, the unions - the list is endless - none of whom would be likely to be available to stand for election''.The only reform needed is the appointment of Lords from other parties that get large percentages of votes such as UKIP, BNP, SNP and the Greens.

House of Lords

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