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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Carlton's delusional plan to save Labor

Last Saturday, failed broadcaster Mike Carlton wrote in Fairfax newspapers ''bring on the republic''. Carlton claimed a plebiscite on a republic should be adopted at the next election. He claimed this would let ''Julia reign victorious''.
Carlton's article was fundamentally flawed for several reasons.
Firstly, he said the question put to electors should be ''Do you want an Australian citizen as head of state''. Various sources describe the Queen as head of state, while others, including former PM Kevin Rudd, describe Quentin Bryce, an Australian citizen as head of state.
Secondly, he claimed an ''overwhelming'' majority of electors would back a republic. This is an incredible claim, based upon public opinion polling. Most recent polls place support for a republic at a dismal 34%. This figure was even lower amongst migrants and youth.

He also alleged this would help Gillard fight the ''Tories''. Isn't it odd he uses such a British term, considering his obvious hatred of everything British?

Carlton is evidently out of touch with the Australian people. It's about time Fairfax injected some fresh blood into their predictable and boring newspapers.

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