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Monday, 5 March 2012

Labor wants to control what you read on this blog, too.

Dr David Stockwell makes an interesting point about the new Media Police. The report by Justice Finkelstein QC proposes that blogs with 15,000 hits per year would come under the watch of a so-called 'News Media Council'. As Dr Stockwell points out, 15,000 hits a year would not equal 15,000 readers. 90% of hits on a small blog are by 'search bots' from search engines like Google, spammers and machines.

Dr Stockwell says
''Lets be generous and say that 10% of hits could be identified with real people, around 75% of these are bounces, people who click away within a few seconds.
Of the real readers, they might browse a few pages, contributing 3 or 4 hits.
Therefore, the ratio of hits to readers is around 0.1*0.25*0.25 or less than 1%.''

This new Police Force could strike those like me who run a small blog or even someone running a family blog.

If we don't act soon, we'll be heading down the road of North Korea.

What can you do?

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