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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Labour gains in UK as support for left-wing Conservatives drop

Voter support for the governing Conservative Party has dropped to it's lowest level in 18 months an opinion poll has found.
The poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion found:
Labour Support increased by 3% (from Jan) to 40%
Conservative Support fell 3% to 32%
Conservative Coaliton partners the Lib Dems fell to a dismal 10%, down 1% on the last survey and 13.6% since the last election in 2010.
UKIP support to 7% an increase of 1%

Obviously, British voters increasing cannot see any differences between a ''Conservative'' Party that backs gay marriage, European Government and panders to terrorists in Northern Ireland and a Labour Party that does the same.

The only choice for Conservatives in the UK is UKIP; a party which favours small government, a referendum on the EU and opposes gay marriage.


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