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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cancer Council fascists want to control what you eat

The Cancer Council Victoria may be well-meaning. But the latest 'survey' they have released makes for disturbing reading.
The study makes some rather frightening claims:
  • 87% of those surveyed would support 'colour-coded packing' on food
  • 83% supported a ban on advertising junk foods during popular children's programmes
  • 87% supported government regulation of food companies to reduce the fat, sugar and salt content of processed foods
  • 89% supported restricting junk food advertising on websites
  • 71% supported a 'fat tax' on 'junk' food - with the money 'used to make healthy food more affordable'
Inviting the Nanny State to regulate what we eat and how much it costs is a truly outrageous proposal. It reeks of authoritarianism and fascism. I know a charity I certainly won't be supporting in the future.

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