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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Time to boot Palmer

Clive Palmer has for months carried on with this ridiculous and absurd stunt that he was going to run for Parliament. First he was going to run for Wayne Swan's seat of Lilley. He even made banners saying 'Lilley election 2013. Swan's song' He then dodged a contest with Swan. He then suggested he'd take on Bob Katter in Kennedy or run for LNP preselection in Fisher. Today, he confirmed after months of speculation and shallow promises of 'exciting things', he would not run for LNP preselection anywhere. He claimed he could not run partly because of the Coalition's policy on illegal boatpeople. He stated 'I cannot allow children, women and men to die needlessly when the government or the opposition has the means to simply solve the problem by issuing a simple administrative direction'. Guess what Clive, with your open door policy, boatpeople will die at sea trying to get here. How is that compassionate?

Prof Palmer has undermined the Coaliton for months with this stunt, and this combined with his refusal to support mainstream Coaltion (and Labor) policies is grounds for his expulsion from the party, regardless of his cash.

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