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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Book of the week: Flying Free by Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is the Leader of the UK Independence Party. The party campaigns for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, and now has a full manifesto. The party supports selective education, opposes massive immigration, but is a non racist party. The party also supports lesser government and fewer taxes, and is sceptical of human contribution to global warming. Sadly, the Conservative Party in the UK has moved further and further to the left under the leadership of David Cameron who described himself as a 'social liberal', is a fan of the EU and green taxes.

The UK Independence Party is extremely similar to the Liberal Party of Australia. It is a conservative liberal party. The party came second in the European Parliament elections in the UK in 2009.

Farage is a an admirer of Australia and John Howard, and a big supporter of the Commonwealth.

Watch him in action here and here and here and here

His excellent book is Flying Free.
''In an age of colourless bureaucrats, Nigel Farage is a politician who is impossible to ignore, provoking controversy and admiration in equal measure. A fun-loving iconoclast whose motto is work hard and play harder", Farage's charismatic leadership and determination to battle the forces of anti-libertarianism have made him a Robin Hood figure to many, and propelled his party, UKIP, into a position of real power in the country. Never one for a quiet life, this paperback edition includes the story of Nigel's extraordinary escape from death in a plane crash on the eve of the 2010 general election (the light aircraft he was flying in got caught up in a UKIP banner it was towing and crashed shortly after take-off, badly injuring Farage and his pilot), his recovery and return to the leadership of UKIP in November 2010. Featuring sometimes hilarious and often terrifying encounters with a stellar supporting cast, including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jose Manuel Barroso, and UKIP's short-lived, silver-gilt masco, Robert Kilroy-Silk - and told with Farage's customary wit and humour, Fighting Bull is a candid, colourful life story by a fascinating and controversial character. It also shows that one fearless, determined individual can still make a difference.''

I would strongly recommend this book as part of my new Book Of The Week article.

Note: This article was posted a few months ago, but due to technical problems, I have re-posted it.

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  1. Sounds very interesting. David Cameron is a left-wing pig