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Friday, 14 September 2012

Fairfax launches despicable smear campaign

Fairfax, the company which last financial year lost $2.7 billion and still refuses a board seat to Gina Rinehart, has decided in a last ditch attempt to help Labor, to lauch a foul smear campaign against Tony Abbott. All week The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have attempted to revive baseless claims made that Mr Abbott punched a wall 'inches' from the head of Barbara Ramjan, who had just beaten him in a University election. The political editor of The Age, Michelle Grattan today published her third opinion piece in a week, attempting desperately to add credibility to these claims.

This morning, on Today Mr Abbott admitted he may have called Ms Ramjan 'chairthing' rather than 'chairperson' as she had asked to be called. Shock, horror. What a terrible insult.
But seriously, does it really matter that at 19, Mr Abbott called some far-left University opponent a 'chairthing'?
Mr Abbott put it well, declaring 'A lot of childish and immature things happen on student councils and I think I probably was guilty of using that silly phrase'.

If Fairfax can prove the allegation, 35 years old, then they should put forward some evidence, rather than University gossip and gutless claims made by political opponents.

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