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Friday, 12 October 2012

What a farce: European Union awarded Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in another blow to the credibility of the prize.
There have been many worthy recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, such as José Ramos-Horta, but the prize was brought into further disrepute today, when the European Union was awarded it, despite riots in Greece and Spain, mass unemployment, enormous debt and terrible social problems, such as parents abandoning their children at churches in Greece, unable to feed them.

The Committee awarding the prize have a history of getting it wrong; their 2007 award of the prize jointly to Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was an embarrassment. They continued their poor record in 2009, awarding Obama the prize, despite him only being in office TWO WEEKS when the nomination was made.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the British conservative Eurosceptic party, UKIP slammed the decision.

 "You only have to open your eyes to see the increasing violence and division within the EU which is caused by the Euro project" he said.

"Spain is on the verge of a bail-out, with senior military figures warning that the Army may have to intervene in Catalonia. In Greece people are starving and abandoning their children through desperate poverty and never a week goes by that we don't see riots and protests in capital cities against the troika and the economic prison they have imposed.

"The next stage is to abandon the Nation state: the awarding of this prize to the EU brings it into disrepute."

Mr Farage added, " The last attempt in Europe to impose a new flag, currency and nationality on separate states was called Yugoslavia. The EU is repeating the same tragic mistake.

"Rather than bring peace and harmony, the EU will cause insurgency and violence."

This prize is nothing but a political honour bestowed too often on the far-left.

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