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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tim Flannery, Tim Flannery where are you?

Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery, who famously said ''even the rain that falls isin't going to fill our dams and river systems'' must be feeling stupid at the moment. So must the Sydney Morning Herald after declaring ''This drought may never break''.
After all, Sydney's Warragamba Dam is now nearing 100% capacity.The SES even ironically warned of flooding for the Hawkesbury-Nepean area if the dam spills over. Given the location of Flannery's waterfront home, he may be sandbagging.


  1. Only 16? Very articulate for someone so young......keep up the interesting musings. Unfortunately, anonymous commentary seems to be the only safe way to express conservative opinions in Australia today - gotta love our populism.

  2. Good luck to you,it's great to see you so savvy so young!

    PS You do not need the apostrophe--on Musings__ in your heading!)