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Friday, 4 May 2012

The Falklands are British

Falkland Islanders are proud British citizens

Argentina has continued with it's bizarre attempt at a Hostile Takeover of the Falkland Islands, despite the wishes of the people of the Falklands.
The British have claimed sovereignty over the Islands since 1690, and exercised control over the Islands almost continuously since 1833.Argentina was in control of the Islands for two months in 1832-33. Argentina also claims that Falkland Islanders do not have the right to self-determination - obviously because a significant majority on the Islands consider themselves British.

Argentina has crossed the line yet again, by filming an ad for their Argentinian Olympic Team on the Falkland Islands, titled  ''Olympic Games 2012: Homage to the Fallen and the Veterans of the Malvinas''
and including this slogan: ''To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil''.

The video was filmed without approval of the Island Government. Falklands MP Ian Hansen criticised Argentina for ''politicising the Olympic Games'' and said ''It is deeply sad to see Mr Zylberberg (athlete) clambering over a war memorial. Sadly this illustrates the disrespect the Argentine authorities have for our home and our people''.

Mr Hansen also pointed out that ''At no stage does the video feature any Falkland Islanders - a clear reflection of Argentina's policy, which is to pretend that the people of the Falkland Islands do not exist''.

The Islands are British. They have always been, and subject to the ongoing support of Falkland Islanders, they always will be.


  1. Malvinas belong to Argentina. The Islanders don't have the right to self-determination because they are subhumans.

    Argentina must kill to all the bastards who call themselves "Falkland Islanders" and recover Malvinas.

    An ethnic cleansing is the only solution.

  2. The Islanders don't have the right to self-determination. The peoples can't choose their sovereignty. The sovereignty is not something that you can choose, my city can't choose to be part of Russia.

    Argentina should consider the Islanders as terrorists and make an "anihilation decree" such like we did in the '74 to the Marxist terrorists.