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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Even more EU waste

Britain is in recession, with massive public and private debt.
Yet ''Conservative'' Prime Minister David Cameron, who could not walk in the shadow of Lady Thatcher, refuses to hold a referendum on leaving the wasteful European Union.
Today more waste is exposed. This time, the EU foreign service, headed by Labour peer Baroness Ashton is demanding an extra £23 million (AUD$36 million) to run the EU foreign ministry.
The service even has a Mission in Australia, which Baroness Ashton recently visited. The European External Action Service currently costs £422 million (AUD$662 million) a year to run.

It has been revealed the service has also signed a £10 million (AUD$16 million) deal to fly the unelected eurocrats around the world in private jets. Baroness Ashton will now have the choice of aircraft including a Boeing 747 when she takes a trip.

Story ImageThe globe trotting Baroness Ashton


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