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Monday, 30 April 2012

The world looks on with astonishment

The International media, particularly in the UK is looking on with astonishment at the political crisis in Australia - no doubt with catastrophic consequences for global investor confidence in political stability in Australia.
Agencies covering the drama include The Guardian (UK), The Scotland Herald, Daily Mail (UK), CTV Canada, Wall Street Journal, NZ Herald, Asian Age, BBC, Newstalk Radio (Republic of Ireland), China Post (Taiwan) and 7 Days in Dubai

These morally corrupt ''Independents'' such as Tony Windsor who laughingly calls himself ''The People Representaitve'' need to search themselves and their consciences and finally let the people have their say.

As for Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson, they should look at the national and international consequences and resign from Parliament immediately.

P.S, Slippery Pete. Is it all still a News Limited vendetta?

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