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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Boris beats Red Ken & other local election news

Incumbent Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has defeated Labour challenger, 'Red Ken' Livingstone. Mr Livingstone, a left-wing extremist lost despite the nationwide trend against the Conservatives in local elections, including in the London Assembly. Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick was pushed into fourth place by Green Jenny Jones.

Meanwhile, UKIP's candidate running under the banner ''Fresh Choice for London'' sadly failed to capitalise on nationwide swings to UKIP, receiving only 1.96%. It was a clear mistake to abandon the UKIP brand recognition like that.

In the Liverpool mayoral election, the Conservatives suffered a shocking result, coming seventh, even behind the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition and the continuing Liberal Party.

In other local election news, George Galloway's far left Respect Party snatched five seats on Bradford City Council.

Nationally, Labour gained control of 32 councils and have an extra 823 councillors. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives lost hundreds of seats.

The nationalist parties had mixed results; Plaid Cymru lost control of the one council it held and lost 41 councillors, while the Scottish National Party gained control of two councils, and won 61 extra council seats.

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