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Monday, 30 April 2012

More lies from the ABC

The ABC has a sorry record of making/repeating the false claims of Britain's left-leaning Guardian newspaper that a private investigator hired by the now-defunct News Of The World had hacked into and ''tampered with'' voicemail messages on the mobile of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. This record continued with this vendetta-style editorial from ABC Reporter Lisa Millar:

RUPERT MURDOCH: The News of the World was an aberration and it's my fault.
LISA MILLAR: And one he'd paid little attention to until it was revealed the paper had tampered with voicemails on a murdered girl's mobile phone and the hacking scandal imploded

Lisa Millar is simply wrong. Firstly, ''the paper'' was not directly responsible, a private investigator hired by them was. Secondly, the paper did not delete or ''tamper'' with the voicemail messages, as the Guardian has now admitted. Thirdly, if someone is not aware of particular circumstances, they cannot ''pay little attention'' to it.

The smirking smart aleck host of News Limited Watch (aka Media Watch) Jonathan Holmes has already refused to apologise for making similar claims.

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