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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Clive Palmer for Lilley: Why not?

Clive Palmer
There has been a predictable reaction to the news that mining billionaire Professor Clive Palmer will contest LNP preselection for Wayne Swan's seat of Lilley. The media reacted with scorn, while Greens leader Christine Milne branded his bid as ''extraordinary''.

I think Clive Palmer would make a great MP. He is a Professor of Business, and has built an incredibly successful empire by himself. He is very generous and in 2010 gave 800 of his employees huge Christmas bonuses, another 750 employees 5 star holidays to Fiji, 60 other employees holidays to Port Douglas and his top 55 employees Mercedes Benz B Class Hatch cars.
No MP in Parliament has any near same business experience. Professor Palmer knows how to run a big business; knowledge and experience that would be extremely useful in a future Abbott Government. Professor Palmer has great vision and commitment to Australia. He wants Australia to be a wealthy nation.
Palmer is, of course, a colourful character. And we certainly need more of those in Parliament.

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