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Sunday, 3 June 2012

60 Years of Service

More than 60 years ago, on February 6 1952, a young woman became Queen, due to the death of her father. At no doubt what would have been a terribly sad time for the young Princess, Elizabeth rose to the occasion. On June 2 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Since then, Her Majesty has lived through incredible times. During her time as Queen, 13 Prime Ministers have led Britain and 23 Leaders of the Opposition. 12 Prime Ministers of Australia have come and gone. She is a symbol of continuity, and in Australia, a symbol of good government and our Colonial British heritage. She is a much loved figure in Australia, and despite the hopes of Labor and the Liberal Left, Australian's still overwhelming favour the monarchy. God Save the Queen!
 File:Elizabeth and Philip 1953.jpgHer Majesty with Prince Philip on Coronation Day

Google pays tribute to The Queen (yesterday)

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