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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Not offensive and a massive overreaction

It's sad when the media can beat-up a story and invade peoples personal privacy to do so. Clearly, in some cases, privacy cannot be respected due to public interest.
But what can be the justification of invading someones personal Facebook account and using their images without permission - especially when the image is harmless?

Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk hardly have the best records. But how can an image of two young men  holding guns at a US gun shop be ''offensive'' and ''controversial''? More to the point, these young men were in the USA to train for Australia at the upcoming London Olympics. How can taking some time off on the last day and having some harmless fun turn into such a media circus?

Sadly today the AOC has jumped aboard the bandwagon of hysterical condemnation and declared the pair will be sent home from London as soon as their swimming events conclude as ''punishment''. Punishment for what? Shame on the media for this beat-up. One dishonourable mention must go to the Herald Sun for its despicable attemp to somehow connect the innocent photo and the Port Arthur massacre.

D'Arcy Monk
UPDATE: Extreme hypocrisy from Swimming Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee

libby trickett

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